Roland TR-06 Rhythm Composer Drumatix Drum Machine

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Roland TR-06

The Roland TR-06 brings you a detailed replica of the classic TR-606, with a host of modern upgrades. Boasting the distinctive tone and iconic look of the original, along with more sound-shaping options; innovative sequencing capabilities; as well as an array of triggers for driving modular gear.

TR-06 & TB-303

Originally released as a companion to the TB-303 Bass Line Synth, the TR-606 made music production more accessible to everyone. Now, it’s back. With the same punchy midrange kicks, popping toms, and sizzling hi-hats.

What if you could

The sounds of the TR-06 are unique in the TR family and are responsible for endless classic tracks. But now, you’ve also got new sound-crafting potential and plush onboard effects. Including control tuning, decay and pan for each instrument. As well as the ability to crank up the internal gain, and push the circuit model into warm overdrive or aggressive distortion. The onboard compressor also adds warmth and punch, while the tempo delay creates depth and space from subtle repeats to controlled chaos.

Advanced sequencer

Just like the original, the TR-06 step sequencer is familiar and straightforward. Allowing you to bang out any type of beat quickly and easily. It’s also been updated with advanced features such as sub-steps for ratcheted parts, step-loop for instant pattern slicing, and per-step probability. So your beats will never get boring!

Modular friendly

Too many modular and tabletop rigs leave out a drum sequencer that’s convenient and easy. The TR-06 has five trigger outs and a trigger in. so you can easily interface it with your other gear. Sequencing is fast and fluid and allows you to mix and layer external modules with the TR-06’s internal sounds for massive rhythmic sequences.

Built tough and ready for anything

As you’d expect from Roland, the TR-06 is sturdy and well constructed. Sporting a solid metal top and a colour-matched case with three different tilt options. It’s a high-quality UB audio interface that offers quick and easy recording and is capable of running on standard AA batteries for hours of playing. There’s even built-in speakers so you can jam out wherever you are!

TR-06 – Hardware meets software

Finally, the TR-06 combines hardware with software, with the TR-606 Software available to download and integrate via the Roland Cloud. This plug-in has a number of expanded sequencing capabilities and the knobs on the TR-06 come pre-mapped for intuitive and hands-on workflow.

Roland CLoud

  • Detailed recreation of the vintage Roland TR-606 using Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) modeling
  • Authentic sound and iconic look of the original
  • Expanded sound-shaping options with tuning, decay, pan, gain, and more
  • Onboard compressor, delay, and overdrive effects
  • Advanced sequencer with sub-steps, probability, and step-loop
  • Five trigger outputs and one trigger input for easy integration with modular and other gear
  • Colour-matched DK-01 case with three tilt options
  • Sturdy and portable with solid construction and a metal top
  • Runs on four AA batteries or USB bus power
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