Pioneer DJ and Phase Complete Wireless DVS Setup

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The Pioneer DJ and Phase Complete Wireless DVS Setup Pack consists of 1x Pioneer DJ Interface2 and 1x Phase Ultimate DJ Solution for Turntablists.

Pioneer DJ Interface2 Digital Vinyl DJ System for Rekordbox

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Phase Ultimate DJ Solution for Turntablists

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Pioneer DJ and Phase Complete Wireless DVS Setup

The Pioneer DJ and Phase Complete Wireless DVS Setup Pack consists of 1x Pioneer DJ Interface2 and 1x Phase Ultimate DJ Solution for Turntablists.

Pioneer DJ Interface2

The Pioneer DJ Interface2 opens up Rekordbox DVS to anyone, anywhere. This 2-channel audio interface allows you to scratch and control the music from your rekordbox library using your own preferred DJ equipment. Connecting it is quick and simple.

What’s in the box? The INTERFACE2 audio interface comes bundled with licence keys for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs, as well as 2 control vinyls (RB-VS1-K time coded vinyl records). So start scratching your digital tracks as soon as you unbox your gear.

Interface2 features:

  • High sound quality: crystal-clear sound, supporting audio up to 96 kHz. Furthermore, it features a high-quality D/A converter and the S/N ratio exceeds 110 dB. Therefore it is well suited for use in clubs.
  • Compact, robust chassis: Compact and portable unit. Its seamless aluminium casing makes it highly robust, plus its extended edges protect the terminals.
  • LEDs indicate signal flow: Plug Interface2 into your laptop via USB, and Interface2’s top panel will show signal flow.
  • Includes Control Vinyl Plus Licences for Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox DVS


Phase Ultimate DJ Solution for Turntablists

Phase Ultimate DJ Solution for Turntablists bringing flexible low latency vinyl control to digital DJ’s. DJ’s that spin with any of the DVS-compatible DJ platforms will be able to do so with nothing more than a Phase Ultimate their software of choice & turntables. MWM has developed a wireless solution, so flexible and reliable they have coined it with  “Ultimate”.

Providing a solution never before seen, DJ’s are DJing without control vinyl or even a needle. It’s possible, with the MWM Phase Ultimate Wireless DVS controller system. The future must’ve arrived…

The Phase system consists of a dock and two transmitters, which you’ll place atop your records on your decks. The transmitters are essentially motion sensors, reading the motion of the record and transmitting it back to the dock. The dock connects to your DVS rig via RCA connections, allowing you to control your digital tracks just like you would with control vinyl.

Plus, Phase Ultimate Wireless DVS controller system is impervious to external issues such as excessive rumble. Andy C won’t need to DJ off a slab of concrete ever again!

Phase features:

  • Feedback resistance and rumble: Phase utilizes motion-tracking. Excessive bass, rumble, stage vibrations etc will not affect Phase- even from the loudest of stages!
  • Tracks turntable movements: With extreme accuracy Phase tracks even the smallest movements of the turntable.  A control signal is wirelessly transmitted (2.4GHz band) to the dock, which is connected to your DVS software via RCA cables. So, spin and scratch your records to your hearts content – Phase will track every movement with precision.
  • Use DVS without control vinyl or a needle: Because Phase tracks the motion of your turntables and turns that into a control signal for your DVS software (like Serato DJ Pro, Virtual DJ, Traktor, or rekordbox), you aren’t constrained to using specific control vinyl — any vinyl record will work with Phase. You don’t even need a needle! So you can also say goodbye to costly cartridge replacements in the long term.Are you phased?Additionally, the Phase Ultimate system offers the same functionality as the Phase Essential system. It does however also include an extra pair of Phase transmitters for backup use.


  • Premium Digital Vinyl System (DVS) interface for Rekordbox DJ
  • Interfaces turntables via included control vinyl and CD/USB players via custom control signal WAV file*
  • Includes everything you need to connect to your DJ setup and play
  • (2) sets of stereo RCA inputs and outputs for left and right decks
  • Studio-grade 24-bit digital to analogue converters
  • Supports 3 sample rates; 44.1kHz, 48kHz, and 96kHz
  • Large dedicated grounding post for use with turntables
  • Single USB cable connection to a computer for power and audio
  • Includes (2) Rekordbox control tone vinyl records
  • Includes USB and stereo RCA cables
  • Rugged, all-metal construction

*Custom control WAV file available via download from the Pioneer DJ website

Phase Ultimate DJ Solution for Turntablists

  • Wireless DVS system with 4 transmitters and 1 receiver/dock
  • Allows you to use DVS-compatible DJ software without control vinyl or a record needle
  • Transmitters sit atop your decks, precisely tracking turntable movement and sending that to your DVS software
  • Eliminates problems caused by rumble
  • Standard RCA connections connect the receiver/dock with your DVS system
  • 10-hour battery life per transmitter, approximately 2-hour recharge time


Audio Interface 4-channel, 24-bit/96kHz

Inputs 2 x stereo RCA pairs

Outputs 2 x stereo RCA pairs

USB 1 x Type B

Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio:

  • 112 dB (USB)
  • 103 dB (LINE)
  • 100 dB (PHONO)


  • 0.002% (USB)
  • 0.005% (LINE)
  • 0.007% (PHONO)

Power Requirements 5V DC, 600mA

Power Supply: USB, or Power Adapter (not included)

Interface Dimensions (WxHxD): 141 x 32.5 x 127.8 mm

Weight: 0.60 kg


Phase Ultimate DJ Solution for Turntablists

Controller Style: Wireless DVS Controller

Other Controllers: 4 x Turntable Remote Transmitters

Outputs: 2 x Dual RCA Stereo (DVS)

USB: 1 x Type B

Compatibility: Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor, Virtual DJ

Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (up to 10 hours run time)

Width: 7cm (receiver), 2.3cm (remote)

Depth:12cm (receiver), 6.6cm (remote)

Finish: Aluminium, robust and resistant