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FB4 MAX is a new network hardware from Pangolin, that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for professional laser show control. FB4 MAX allows you to run your laser shows in a complete network setup (using standard CAT5 or CAT6 cable). It can also be controlled using DMX, ArtNet or ILDA. And it features on-board SD card memory (for automatic show playback). You can operate FB4 MAX from a lighting console, PC, or in auto-mode. And the full colour OLED display on FB4 MAX also provides control over a variety of projector settings (including colours, safety, geometric correction and more). FB4 MAX also comes with the award-winning QuickShow laser control software absolutely FREE.

The FB4 MAX product you see here features the FB4 main board, custom network/ArtNet port, SD card memory (for automatic show playback) and the full colour OLED display (for control over a variety of projector parameters, including colours, geometric correction, safety and more). It also includes our proprietary DMX-in and DMX-through daughterboard, if DMX support is required, as well as our ILDA-in and ILDA-through daughter-board, if ILDA support is required.

  • Full Network Control
  • Standalone SD card memory (auto-show playback)
  • ILDA and DMX control boards increased connectivity and control
  • Full colour OLED display
  • Supports DMX, ArtNet, ILDA, OSC and CITP (coming soon)
  • Support for up to 120K scan speeds
  • Support for 6-colour channels
  • Improved high definition laser output, with interpolation
  • Ability to control of more lasers from a single work station via Ethernet hub
  • Modular, customisable design
  • Includes Quickshow laser software with over 2000 presets


*Please Note: This is an ‘order-in’ product, and can take up to 10 business days to arrive