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Neumann KH 120 Pair

The Neumann KH 120 Pair is a set of 2x two-way bi-amplified monitor with thermally protected class-AB amplifiers (80 W each). It has been a reference class for close-range monitoring since 2011. Enormous power reserves meet high-precision sound conduction. The result: Maximum signal fidelity and distinctly contoured transients across the entire, neutrally designed frequency response. This enables you to precisely control tonal depth, spatial image and even the smallest details in the mix.

Just like the drivers, its Mathematically Modeled Dispersion™ (MMD™) waveguide is calculated with an optimal level of precision. Sound distributed in a horizontally precise manner ensures flexibility in the listening position; the narrower vertical dispersion reduces the negative effects of nearby reflections – for example from a desk or mixing console. The finely controlled dispersion characteristics optimize reproduction in even the most varied of room configurations.


The KH 120 is typically used in near-field applications such as project, music, broadcast and post-production studios for recording, mixing and mastering. It is also available as a digital input “D” version.


With its digital switched-mode power supply and bi-amplification, the KH120 realizes sound pressure of up to 111.1 dB and in doing so, retains a high-resolution and neutral representation across the entire frequency response. This provides sufficient energy for maximum dynamics without distortion and losses. As a result, the bass goes down to an impressive 52 Hz. Despite using ports, there is no “overhang” in the bass response. The transient response remains well in control. The optimized design of the drivers delivers clean sound right down to the lowest parts of the 50 Hz region. This rich foundation offers enough room to work cleanly on the mix without the necessity for a supplementary subwoofer. In the demanding treble range, the specially developed, powerful alloy fabric dome ensures distortion-free reproduction.


The KH-120 has been developed true to the Neumann philosophy for monitor loudspeakers. Every component, every shape, every signal and every wave motion is a consequence of this philosophy. No form or component is there without reason. There are hundreds of tangible reasons built into the KH 120, which all stand for exceptionally pure and neutral sound. These include, for example, curvatures of the housing that reduce edge diffraction. Also included is the pistonic output of the bass driver which does not give rise to harmonic distortions, even with the highest sound peaks. Some of these reasons are obvious in the KH 120. Others Neumann prefers to keep to itself. But together, each can be heard – sound professionals in both large and small studios all around the world can testify to this.

  • 5.25″ Composite Sandwich Woofer Cone
  • 1″ Titanium Dome Tweeter
  • 160 W Peak Analog AB Amplifier
  • Mathematically Modeled Dispersion (MMD) Waveguide
  • Wide Horizontal Dispersion
  • Narrow Vertical Dispersion
  • Magnetically Shielded Aluminum Cabinet
  • Large Front Panel Ports
  • 4-Position Bass, Low-Mid, Treble Control
  • New Mounting Hardware Options


Type: Powered

Power Configuration: Bi-amped

LF Driver Size: 5.25″

HF Driver Size: 1″

LF Driver Power Amp: 50W (Continuous), 80W (Peak)

HF Driver Power Amp: 50W (Continuous), 80W (Peak)

Total Power: 100W (Continuous), 160W (Peak)

Frequency Range: 52Hz-21kHz (±3 dB)

Crossover Frequency: 2kHz

Maximum Peak SPL: 105.1 dB (Full Space), 111.1 dB (Half Space)

Input Types: 1 x digital BNC, 1 x XLR

Output Types: 1 x buffered BNC

Enclosure Type: Ported

Dimensions: 277 x 182 x 220 mm

Weight: 6.4 kg


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