Native Instruments Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition Upgrade (from Komplete Standard)


The Native Instruments Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition Upgrade will ONLY work for users upgrading from Komplete Standard 8-12).

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Native Instruments Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition Upgrade

The Native Instruments Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition Upgrade will ONLY work for users upgrading from Komplete Standard 8-12). This is a physical copy in which all instruments, effects, and additional content come preloaded onto an external hard drive for easy installation.

Native Instruments Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition gives you total creative freedom for producers. Including all the flagship synths, sampled instruments, effects, and orchestral libraries. Basically, you get almost everything NI has released so far! Including CREMONA QUARTET, GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, ARKHIS, MYSTERIA, PHARLIGHT, STRAYLIGHT, NOIRE, and so much more.

All up, Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition includes over 115,000 sounds that allow you to produce amazing tracks no matter which genre you favour.

25 Orchestral and Cinematic Instruments

Expanding on the already packed orchestral toolkit, the Collectors Edition of Komplete 13 includes the full CREMONA QUARTET; contemporary SYMPHONY SERIES; and the orchestral layering engine ARKHIS. You’ll also get specialized cinematic instruments such as MYSTERIA, THRILL, STRAYLIGHT, and PHARLIGHT. As well as so much more.

Platforms for Sampling and Synthesis

In Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition, builder platforms can be used to create nearly any instrument you can imagine. KONTAKT 5 offers advanced sampling and instruments from leading manufacturers. While REAKTOR 6 takes care of the synthesis side of things. Giving you a flexible modular environment that allows you to build synths, effects, and more.

If you don’t want to get two deep; you’ve always got the sound libraries packed with sampled instruments and synthesizers that are ready to go!

17 Synthesizers

Whether you’re looking for iconic analog recreations, or unashamedly digital & cutting-edge designs; Collectors Edition includes synths capable of producing nearly any sound imaginable. SUPER 8 delivers vintage polysynth warmth; RAZOR gives you pristine additive synthesis; and FORM brings new and organic sample-based textures. While the flagship wavetable synth MASSIVE X allows you to explore uncharted sonic possibilities.

39 Sampled Instruments

With Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition, you get 39 sampled instruments. Spanning centuries, genres, continents, and styles. As well as 7 pianos including NOIRE and UNA CORDA. Not to mention vintage synths and authentic traditional sounds from CUBA, MIDDLE EAST, WEST AFRICA, INDIA, and BALINESE GAMELAN. Plus, the contemporary SESSION GUITARIST and PLAY SERIES.

12 Percussion Tools

When it comes to percussion, Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition has everything you need. From world-renowned studios, robotic and electronic sounds, classic acoustic sounds, and everything else. With both sampled and synthesized percussion to choose from, you’ll be covered for any project.

The ABBEY ROAD series offers 70 years of acoustic drum studio sounds; TRK-01 offers banging techno beats; while POLYPLEX is perfect for an experimental approach. Plus, you’ve got BATTERY 4 for producing both humanized swing and complex patterns instantly!

26 Effects

The Collectors Edition of Komplete 13 even has everything you need for finishing and sculpting your sound. Including the latest GUITAR RIG 6 PRO amp modelling, effects, and routing possibilities. As well as Molekular modular system for complete manipulation. There’s also SOLID MIX SERIES, PREMIUM TUBE SERIES, and VINTAGE COMPRESSORS for adding a renowned studio polish to your mix. While SUPERCHARGET GT and REPLIKA XT cover the compression and delay side of things, and RAUM transforms reverb to an artform in of itself.

73 Expansions

Finally, Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition packs 73 sound packs full of samples, loops, one-shots, and more. So you’ll have more than enough sounds when you need them. Including the Massive X Expansions with over 150 presets for each flagship synth. All designed by professional designers who’ve created undiscovered audio gold.

Above all, Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition offers a versatile range of production tools that are all pre-mapped to both KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE hardware. Meaning you can take complete control over your sounds directly and seamlessly from your hardware. Get yours at DJ City today!

  • World-leading production suite
  • 195 products, more than 115,000 sounds
  • Over 1.1TB of instruments and effects
  • Includes Massive X, FM8, Absynth 5, Kontakt 6, Battery 4, Stradivari Violin, and Guitar Rig 6 Pro
  • Easy to install, easy to update
  • Comes ready-mapped to your NI hardware
  • The widest selection of Native Instruments powerful production tools
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