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AVE Multicore-0810

The AVE Multicore-0810 is a high quality 8-channel channel stage box with 10 metre cable attached. Built to withstand the demand of live stage and tour applications with an all metal stage box, and rugged custom made connectors. The stage box also features a solid strain relief in the transitional area between box and cable. Additionally the breakout cable features robust XLR connectors, coloured cables with  labeled connectors for fast and easy cable management. Great for live and studio applications where multiple inputs and channels are used, and cable management is important.

  • High quality 8 channel mulitcore
  • Rugged stage box for durability
  • 10m long cable snake
  • Custom made male XLR connectors
  • Colour coded breakout for faster cable management


Type: Multicore cable

Channels: 8

Length: 10 m

Cable diameter: 13 mm

Colour: black



  • 4x male XLR
  • 4x female XLR


  • 4x male XLR
  • 4x female XLR

Breakout end length: 50 mm

Dimensions (stage box): 270 x 70 x 75mm