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Mogami Gold TRSXLRM-10

The Mogami Gold TRSXLRM-10 is an ultra high-quality balanced speaker cable. Ideal for connection your interface or mixer to your studio monitors. Featuring Mogami’s Neglex quad cable for far better RFI rejection and improved S/N ration (up to 10 – 20dB better than standard ‘twisted’ cables). Perfect for any high grade audio application, whether its a live performance, mobile DJ setu or in the studio.

For decades, top audio engineers worldwide have chosen Mogami cabling. For its superior audio clarity, low-loss signal transfer, vanishingly low noise, and consistent manufacturing quality. Mogami Gold uses the same microphone, instrument and multichannel interface cable found in world-class studios. Backed with Mogami’s no-excuses lifetime warranty. Cables are a vital component of your signal chain. Don’t leave it to chance. Wire up with Mogami Gold

  • Balanced 1/4″-XLRM patch cable
  • Made with Mogami Neglex 2534 quad core cable
  • Terminated with black body Neutrike connectors with gold contacts
  • Lifetime warranty


Connector 1: 1/4″ TRS Jack

Connector 2: XLR Male

Length: 10ft (3.04 m)

Balanced: Yes


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