M-Audio Oxygen PRO Mini 32 Note USB Controller

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The M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini gives you a powerful, 32-key USB powered MIDI controller that gives you the power to create the music you want! Opening up worlds of expression and creativity while bringing your ideas to life.

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$199$219Save $20 (9.2%)
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M-Audio Oxygen PRO Mini

The M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini gives you a powerful, 32-key USB powered MIDI controller that gives you the power to create the music you want! Opening up worlds of expression and creativity while bringing your ideas to life. Allowing you to stay focussed on creating music rather than on your software.

With automatically mapped controls such as Transport, Faders, Channel Controls, Pan and more; you can easily use any major DAW. Whether you’re using Ableton, Pro Tools, MPC Beats, Cubase, Logic, Studio One, or something else. Simply select the map in the list and auto-mapping will take care of the rest. It will also instantly map the included virtual instruments with Oxygen Pro Mini (Velvet, Mini Grand, Vacuum, Boom, DB33, Xpand!2). Control these instruments in real-time with your Oxygen Pro Mini as you create and mix your sounds!

Smart Controls

The Oxygen Pro MINI also features Smart Chord and Smart Scale technology. So it’s never been easier to create amazing-sounding music with your computer, without having to know music theory.

Activating Smart Chord means you press a single key or pad and the Oxygen Pro Mini will play a full chord rather than a single note. Whichever key or pad you press will determine the root note of the chord. The rest of the variables such as Major Minor, Voicing etc will be determined by the settings you choose.

There’s also a Custom Mode which lets you determine the chord structure that will be assigned to each key. For example, if you select Custom Mode, and play a 1-b3-5-b7 chord, every key will then be assigned to play this chord structure.

What’s more, the Oxygen Pro Mini features intelligent Smart Scale technology. Using this mode, you can set the keybed so only notes in a certain scale can be played. This gives you the freedom to play around without the risk of pressing any “wrong” notes. Choose from 16 different scale variations and easily activate and deactivate the parameters to keep you focused on creating.

Professional Tools

Boasting a number of essential producer tools, the Oxygen Pro Mini features Note Repeat as well as a built-in Arpeggiator. Opening up a world of precise music production and live sound techniques to make your music even more professional.

With note repeat, simply hold down any one of the custom performance pads and you’ll hear a repeated rhythmic pattern at a selectable note divisiion. Activate it momentarily or use it in Latch Mode so you dont have to hold down the note repeat button every time.

Then you’ve got the Arpeggiator, affecting anything youre playing in your DAW it will repeatedly play your keys in sequence. The timing of this will be based on the keyboards time division setting and your DAW’s tempo setting. While the length will be what you’ve selected in the time division settings.

Above all, the Oxygen Pro MINI is a lightweight and portable MIDI controller that’s sure to give anyone a new level of creative inspiration.

  • Best-in-class, velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted mini-keys
  • (8) RGB, backlit, assignable, velocity-sensitive pads with Note Repeat for beat production, clip launching, and more
  • (4) assignable faders, knobs & buttons for controlling virtual instruments, mix plugins, DAW controls, and more
  • Preset and DAW button for auto-mapped DAW controls & plugin parameters
  • Smart Chord mode enables playing of enharmonic or custom chord voicings
  • Smart Scale mode eliminates wrong notes making it easy to craft a perfect song
  • Arpeggiator with Type, Octave, Gate and Swing controls
  • Ergonomically designed pitch and modulation wheels & 1/4” sustain pedal input
  • USB-MIDI connection and MIDI Output for controlling external MIDI gear
  • Intuitive layout featuring an OLED screen for quick control edits
  • Includes MIDI editor software and a complete software production package
What’s In The Box
  • Oxygen Pro Mini
  • USB Cable
  • Software Download Card
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual
  • 15.8” x 7.52” x 2.56”
  • 401 mm x 190 mm x 60 mm
  • 2.65 lbs.
  • 1.2 kg
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