LD Systems ICOA 12 A Inch Powered Speaker Pair with 15 Inch Sub and Accessories

The LD Systems ICOA 12 A & SUB Pack gives you 2 x ICOA 12 A 12″ Powered Speakers, 1 x ICOA SUB 15 A Subwoofer, a pair of speaker covers, and a pair of speaker stands.

LD Systems ICOA 12A - 12" Inch Active Powered Coaxial PA Loudspeaker × 2

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LD Systems ICOA SUB 15 A Powered 15 Inch Bass Reflex PA Subwoofer

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Prostand SS040 Speaker Stand Pair with Carry Bag

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LD Systems ICOA12PC Padded Protective Cover for ICOA 12" × 2

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LD Systems ICOA 12 A & SUB PACK

The LD Systems ICOA 12 A & SUB Pack gives you 2 x ICOA 12 A 12″ Powered Speakers, 1 x ICOA SUB 15 A Subwoofer, a pair of speaker covers, and a pair of speaker stands.

ICOA 12 A Speakers

The LD Systems ICOA 12 A is a full-range PA loudspeaker. Delivering outstanding sound, even at low frequencies, the ICOA 12 A offers unparalleled features for its class. Featuring a coaxial design, rotating, BEM-Optimised CD Horn, and extensive and precisely calibrated Dynx DSP presets. As a result, the ICOA active 12″ loudspeaker is exceptionally flexible.

With outstanding bass reproduction from the horn-loaded woofer; the LD ICOA 12 A is the ideal choice for musicians, bands, entertainers and schools. While also allowing DJs to play sets without the need for an additional subwoofer. Sit your speaker vertically, and it impresses as a satellite. While horizontally it’s perfect in suspended systems or as a floor monitor. Packing an efficient Class-D power amplifier, the ICOA 12 A delivers 126 dB max SPL as well as 300W RMS performance.

Furthermore, drawing on the LD Systems DynX DSP technology; the ICOA 12 A delivers perfect performance with maximum clarity and power. Plus the 4 presets, 3 band EQ and delay function give you ultimate control over your sound. 2 Line/Mic input channels feature individual gain controllers, plus mono mix output. Allowing a variety of signal sources to be connected.

Boasting a shock-resistant front grille with an ideal 55-degree tit angle; the LD Systems ICOA 12 A is perfect as a floor monitor. As well as offering the choice of a slight tilt angle for optimally adapting the system to its acoustic environment. While the 4 aluminium handles with rubber surface give you optimal grip for when you’re transporting your speaker.


The LD Systems ICOA SUB 15 A gives you as much bass as you want! Ensuring the party stays rocking and guests are drawn to the dance floor. It can even give your presentations that special oomph they need to really reach the audience.

These ICOA SUB 15’s pump out so much bass while giving you massive headroom and a clearer sound. That’s because the subwoofer relieves the main speaker, meaning the woofers are now less burdened by high-energy bass impules. So you get even less intermodulation distortion. Even at the highest volumes, the sound on the ICOA SUB 15 doesn’t get muffled, and voices & instruments remain crystal clear.

Additionally, the ICOA SUB 15 A’s Class D amplifier with 400-watt RMS or 1600-watt output means you have serious power at your command. The presets of the integrated DynX DSP offers crossover frequencies of 80, 100, and 120Hz. So you’re able to finely balance your ICOA SUB with your system. Signal polarity can also be reversed and the SUB offers a delay line-preset for distances up to 10 meters.

Then, when you’re ready to expand your setup, the ICOA setup grows along with you. Add more subs and operate them in parallel to give you even more power. You can also take advantage of the cardioid-preset to get a quieter and more controlled low-end.

Housed in a rugged 18mm laminated wood housing, the ICOA SUB 15 can easily be stacked. While the M20 thread allows you to mount the main speakers using a distance pole.

Above all, whether you’re a DJ, singer, rock or party band; the ICOA SUB 15 produces the perfect bass to compliment your music!

12″ Powered Speakers

  • A genuine all-rounder for full-range, satellite and monitor applications
  • 126 dB max. SPL and 300 W RMS performance
  • Vertical and horizontal use thanks to coaxial design with rotating, BEM-optimised CD horn
  • Horn-loaded woofer
  • DynX DSP with 4 presets, 3-band EQ and delay function
  • 2 line/mic input channels with individual gain controllers plus mono mix output; Bluetooth® streaming with the BT model
  • 36 mm dual tilt stand attachment with 0° and 5° tilt angle, 55° monitor angle with sturdy stand
  • Shock-resistant front grille for optimal protection of the speaker
  • 4 aluminium grips with ergonomic, rubber surface
  • Extensive, optionally available accessories for installation and transport

15″ Subwoofer

  • 15-inch subwoofer for powerful low-end up to 36 Hz
  • 131 dB max. SPL and 1600 Watt peak power through highly efficient digital Class D power amplifier
  • Optimized bass reflex ports
  • DynX DSP with four application presets (three crossover frequencies, cardioid mode)
  • Switchable signal polarity and adjustable delay line for up to 10 meters
  • 2 x XLR/TRS “combo jack” inputs and 2 XLR Output
  • 18 mm rugged plywood housing and heavy-duty grill
  • 4 Aluminum handles with ergonomic rubber surface
  • Securely stackable with four stacking-grooves
  • M20 thread for distance pole


Product type PA loudspeaker

Type Actives

Low/mid driver dimensions 12 “

Woofer size 304.8 mm

Woofer magnet Ferrite

Woofer brand Custom-made

Horn BEM optimized CD Horn

HF driver dimensions 1 “

HF Driver Size 25.4 mm

HF driver magnet Ferrite

HF driver brand Custom-made

HF driver voice coil 1 “

HF Driver Voice Coil 25.4 mm

Amplifier Class D

Dispersion (H x V) 90 ° x 50 °

RMS 300 W

Peak power 1200 W

Frequency response 50 – 20000 Hz

Crossover frequency kHz 2 kHz

Max. SPL (peak) 126 dB

Protection circuits Multiband limiter , over voltage , over-current , thermal overload

Controls 2 x gain , On / off switch , Rotary/push encoder

Indicators LC display

Mic/ line inputs 2

Mic-/ Line Input Connectors 6.3 mm jack Combination sockets (symmetrical) , XLR

Line inputs 1

Line input connectors 3.5 mm TRS

Line outputs 1

Line output connectors XLR

Operating voltage SMPS

Power consumption 150 W

Ambient temperature ( in operation ) 0 – 40 °C

Operating voltage 100 V – 240 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz

Relative Humidity < 80 %, not condensing

Fuse T4AL 250 V

Cabinet material polypropylene

Cabinet construction vented

tripod flange 32 °F , 36mm flange , 5°

Monitor angle 55 °

Width 375 mm

Height 635 mm

Depth 396 mm

Weight 19,95 kg

Accessories (included) Power cord



Product type: PA subwoofer

Type: Powered

Low/mid driver dimensions: 15 “

Woofer size: 381 mm

Woofer magnet: Ferrite

Woofer brand: Custom-made

Woofer voice coil: 3 “

Woofer voice coil (mm): 76.5 mm

Amplifier Class: D

RMS: 400 W

Peak power: 1600 W

Frequency response: (-10dB) 36Hz Preset depending

Max. SPL: (peak) 131 dB

Protection circuits: Excursion Limiter , over voltage , over-current , Peak Limiter , RMS Limiter , thermal overload

Controls: Push encoder

Indicators: LC display

Line inputs: 2

Line input connectors: XLR/6.3mm jack combo jacks (balanced)

Line outputs: 2

Line output connectors: XLR

Operating voltage: 100 – 240 V

Power Consumption (max.): 675 W

Operating Temperature: 0 – 40 °C

Relative Humidity: < 60% (non-condensing)

Cabinet material: 18 mm Multiplex

Cabinet surface texture: paint

Cabinet construction: Bass Reflex

Width: 510 mm

Height: 598 mm

Depth: 552 mm

Weight: 32.5 kg

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.