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LD Systems WS100DA

The LD Systems WS100DA Directional antenna is an external antenna designed to enhance your receivers pickup. The directional antenna also helps you isolate where you want to receive the RF signal from, and reduce unwanted RF signals and interference. This product is compatible with the LD U506, the LD U300 and the LDWIN42 series.

For the best results, we recommend combining with a high-quality coaxial cable like LMR-400 and using signal boosters as required to keep your level as close to 0dB at the receiver as possible. For use with multiple microphone systems, an antenna splitter like the LD Systems Win42AD, which allows you to receive and direct signal to multiple microphones receives from 1 set of antennae.

  • Improve wireless system signal
  • Directional for reducing unwanted interference and background RF
  • Supports frequency range: 500 ~ 900 MHz
  • Coaxial cable and stand not included


Type: Directional Antennas

Frequency band: 500 – 900 MHz

Frequency bandwidth: 400 MHz

Impedance: 50 Ohm(s)

Antenna gain: 7 dBi

Antenna connector: TNC

Threaded connector: 5/8 “

Accessories (included): Adapter 5/8″ to 3/8″

Dimensions: 290 x 260 x 3 mm

Weight: 1,1 kg


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