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LD System LD RM102 R B6

The LD Systems RM102 R B6 UHF receiver module allows you to expand your LD Systems portable PA from 1 wireless mic to 2 wireless mics. Operating on the B6 frequency band (655 – 679MHz) with 16 channels true UHF diversity for worry free operation. The module easily slots into the spare port of your PA and is compatible with the WS1616MD (B6) handheld microphone and WS1616PB (B6) bodypack transmitter, both sold separately. Perfect for celebrants, public presentations, and more.

  • UHF receiver module for LD Systems Road series portable PA
  • Allows you to operate 2 wireless microphones at the same time
  • 16 Channel diversity
  • Easily installs into the spare receiver slot
  • Works with handheld and bodypack transmitters (sold separately)
  • Requires installation


Product number: LDRM102RB6

Product type: Battery-powered PA speaker accessories

Type: Installation module

Frequency band: 655.000 – 679.000MHz

Channels: 16

Controls: Value Down, Mute Level (Squelch), ASC, Power / Volume, Value Up

Indicators: RF (radio signal), AF (audio signal), LED Display

Compatibility: LDWS1616MD, LDRM102, LDRB65, LDWS1616BP

Weight: 0.39kg

Other features: IR frequency synchronisation