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Laserworld CS-2000RGB FX

The Laserworld CS-2000RGB FX is a high-quality laser effect that builds on the popularity of the CS-2000RGB. The new FX model adds three grating effects; line grating, burst grating and radial grating, allowing you to create even more effects than previously possible. Providing 200 patterns that can be triggered by the built in sound or auto modes, or controlled by DMX or the master/slave function. These patterns and effects allow you to create and run amazing laser shows with very little effet and is perfect for venues, DJs, bands, and anyone wanting a WOW factor for their lighting rig.

The CS-2000RGB FX features premium Laserworld diodes with a combined max output power of 2,000mW and guaranteed output of at least 1,600mW. The diodes are broken into 3 primary colours Red, Green, and Blue allowing you to mix and create a range of colours for your patterns and animations. The red laser source has an output power of 250 mW, the green DPSS is 250 mW,  and the royal-blue laser source has an output power of 1,100 mW. Also featured is a high-speed scanning system, which ensures smooth beams and effects with minimal strobing/jitter.

For more advanced laser shows and control the CS-2000RGB FX can be computer controllable through a professional ILDA interface. Allowing you to import or create your very own patterns, laser shows, logos, texts or animations.

Like all Laserworld lasers safety is a key focus throughout the whole system, and the CS-2000RGB FX is no different. The system features a scan guard to limit crowd scanning, Scan fail Safety (SFS) which prevents a single beam being generated, safety key to prevent unauthorized access, and interlock for use with emergency shut off devices.

The ideal laser system for semi-professional applications and is perfectly suitable in bars, medium sized clubs and discos as well as for rental companies, mobile DJs, private use and in any other party location.

  • Professional laser projection system
  • 3 grating effects; line grating, burst grating and radial grating
  • Powerful 2,000mW maximum output with 1,600mW minimum
  • Great for semi-professional applications
  • Fast 30kpps scanner speeds, with a max scan angle of 40°
  • Compact and lightweight casing
  • Up to 200 built in patterns and laser shows
  • Control with DMX / ILDA / Stand Alone (auto/sound/master-slave)
  • Integrated safety features including; SFS, safety key, interlock interface, and scan guard


Total Power typical: 2,000 mW

Guaranteed power: 1,600 mW

Power Red: 250 mW / 635 nm

Power Green: 250 mW / 532 nm

Power Blue: 1,100 mW / 445 nm

Beam Specifications: ca. 3 mm / 2 mrad

Laser Sources: Diode, DPSS Laser

Laser Class: 4

Operation Modes: stand-alone, sound-to-light, DMX, ILDA, Master-Slave

Scanner: galvo system, 30 kpps@4°

Scan Angle max.: 40°

Basic Patterns: ca. 200 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.) + three gratings: line, burst, radial

Accessories: power cable, manual, interlock connector, key

Power Supply: 85 V – 250 V AC

Power Consumption: 120 W

Dimensions: 190/274/160 mm

Weight: 4.75 kg


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