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Korg Volca Drum Digital

Korg Volca Drum Digital is the 3rd drum synth in the Korg Volca range, and relesased with the new Volca Modular. The VOLCADRUM is a unique digital percussion synthesizer that harnesses the power of physical modelling to create sounds and patterns, unlike most other drum machines, making it well suited for musicians and producers working in the studio or performing live on stage. The machine utilizes dual-layer drum parts, comprehensive motion sequencing, and sequencer tricks to generate a variety of standard percussive sounds and eccentric drum styles.

The Volca Drum provides six parts, each with two layers, from which the user selects any one of 5 oscillator waveforms including sine, sawtooth, and HPF noise. Additionally, the user can select from three types of pitch modulators and amplifier envelope generators, each optimized for drum sounds. Edit layers separately or together while adding bit reduction, wave-folder depth, overdrive, and distortion. A waveguide resonator adds sympathetic resonances to the sound and provides two selected types including tube, which adds the resonance of a cylindrical object such as a drum body or a long pipe; or strings, which adds the metallic resonance of a string.

The onboard step-sequencer allows the user to manually input up to 16 steps per pattern, but also can be used for real-time recording. The pattern chaining function can chain up to 16 sequences to construct patterns with up to 256 steps. Use the motion sequence function to record knob movements during real-time recording and reproduce them during playback. There are a total of 69 different parameters that can be recorded and played back. Additional features and functions include Active Step, which replaces steps for each part; and Slice, which finely divides a step to allow drum-rolls; an Accent function that can be specified in 16 levels; and a convenient Choke function for specific grouping of parts.

The Volca Drum can be synchronized with other Volcas and Electribes via the trigger I/O. Additionally, the machine features a standard 5-pin DIN connector for connecting to other sequencers, allowing the unit to perform as a drum module. The Korg Volca Drum is powered by an optional power supply or via the included six AA batteries.

  • Digital synthesis engine
  • 6-note polyphony
  • Structure
    • 6 parts
      • 2 oscillators
      • 1 pitch modulator
      • 1 amp EG
      • 1 waveguide resonator
    • Kits: 16
      • Settings for 6 parts + settings for waveguide resonator
      • Factory kits 1-10
    • Program: 16
      • Sequence pattern
      • Motion sequence
      • Kit number
      • Factory preset programs 1-10
    • Sequencer
      • Number of parts: 6
      • Number of steps: 16
      • Number of recording patterns: 16
      • Pattern-chaining function can chain up to 256 steps
    • Motion Sequencer
      •  Record knob movements during real-time recording and reproduce them during playback
      • Up to 69 parameters can be recorded and played back
    • Additional Functions
      • Active Step: replaces steps for each part
      • Slice: Finely divides a step to allow drumrolls
      • Accent: can be specified in 16 levels
      • Choke: interplay for a specific group of parts (i.e. open/close hi-hat)
  • Physical Modeling Technology
  • Digital Synthesis Engine
  • 6-Note Polyphony
  • 6-Part Structure
  • 16 Kits (10 Factory Presets)
  • 16 Programs (10 Factory Presets)
  • 16-Step Sequencer with 16 Patterns
  • Sync I/O + MIDI In
  • Includes 6 x AA Batteries and Sync Cable


  • Keyboard
    • Multi touch trigger pads / Step keys
  • Synthesizer
    • Type: Digital synthesis
    • Maximum Polyphony: 6
    • Structure: 6 parts (For each part, 2 oscillators, pitch modulator, and amp EG), waveguide resonator effect.
    • Kits: 16 (Settings for 6 parts + Settings for waveguide resonator) Kit No.1 – No.10 are factory preset.
    • Program: 16 (Sequence pattern, Motion sequence, Kit No.) Program No.1 – No. 10 are factory preset.
  • Sequencer
    • Number of parts: 6
    • Number of steps: 16 (pattern chain is available)
    • Number of recording patterns: 16
  • Connectors
    • Audio Output: Headphones jack (3.5mm stereo mini jack)
  • Sync
    • Sync In: jack (3.5mm monaural mini jack, Maximum input level: 20V)
    • Sync Out: jack (3.5mm monaural mini jack, Maximum Output level: 5V)
  • MIDI
    • MIDI: IN
  • Power
    • Battery Life: Approximately 10 hours (using alkaline batteries)
    • Power supply: AA alkaline battery × 6, AA nickel-metal hydride battery × 6, or KA-350 AC adapter (sold separately)
  • Others
    • Included Items: AA alkaline battery × 6 (for verifying operation), Sync cable
    • Accessories (sold separately): KA-350 AC adapter, SEQUENZ CB-4VOLCA hard shell case, SEQUENZ CC-VOLCA soft shell case, SQ-CABLE-6 Sync cable
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 193 × 115 × 39 mm
  • Weight
    • Weigh: 370 g (Excluding batteries)


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