Korg Volca Bass Analog Bass Synthesizer

The Korg Volca Bass is an agressive analog Bass Machine with 3x analog oscillators, step sequencer, self tuning, and built in speaker for a compete play-anywhere option. The Volca Bass also allows you to connect your favourite DAW or MIDI Keyboard for complete control.

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Korg Volca Bass Analog Bass Synthesizer

The Korg Volca Bass is an Analog Bass Synth with a small footprint and a whole lot of grunt. Offering aggressive sounds that stand up to the drums, fat sounds that support the rhythm, and funky sounds that generate a groove. Giving you everything you need to develop your synthesis techniques and produce a wide range of heavy bass lines.

Ultra-affordable, and simple in structure, the Volca Bass boasts an unmistakable presence. With subtle nuances that can’t be reproduced by digital simulation. Therefore, Volca Bass is a great choice if you’re producing acid house and other bass-heavy styles of music. And the step-sequencer distilled from the Electribe is not only visually intuitive, but a powerful way to generate free form bass loops and stimulate inspiration.

Designed with a straightforward structure, the Volca Bass features a; single voltage-controlled filter (VCF), voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA), low-frequency oscillator (LFO), and envelope generator (EG). You can also receive MIDI from an external controller or DAW via the 5-pin DIN connector. As well as clock sync multiple Volca Bass units with the 1/8″ Sync In and Out connectors. Power your Volca Bass via six AA batteries or the optional AC adapter for maximum portability.

303-style bass lines in an ultra-affordable compact synth

With infinite genres of electronic music, they’ve all been influenced by the 303 bassline synthesizer. Think drippy, squelchy, resonant bass and wild glides; the Volca Bass delivers the same fat analog vibe. While being much easier to program than the notorious 303, and a lot more cost-effective.

Ready for both live performance and studio production

Compact in size, the Volca Bass is surprisingly versatile. Whether you want to connect a MIDI controller and play it live, arrange your own patterns and manipulate them on the fly, or connect to an external sequencer. With the huge, punchy and powerful sound, you’ll love the vibe it adds to your music.

Truly portable, and easy to integrate with other gear

Battery-powered, or via the optional AC adapter, the Korg Volca Bass is truly a go-anywhere groove box. Best of all, it’s got the right connections to interface with any of your gear. It’s got a MIDI input so you can control it via any MIDI sequencer, and it even has Sync I/O so it can play in time with Korg’s Monotribe and Monotron analog synthesizers. Or simply create whatever bass synth sounds you like, then sample them for sequencing elsewhere.

Overall, the Korg Volca Bass is a beastly analog synthesizer. Delivering powerful basslines that will compliment all your electronic music production.

Powerful analog bass sound

  • Three analogue oscillators for thick, huge bass line
  • Newly designed analog filter for crisp, bright response
  • Simple structure with single VCF, VCA, LFO, and EG

Loop sequencer distilled from the Electribe series

  • Electribe-style 16-step sequencer with eight memory patches
  • Slide function that’s indispensable for acid and other types of electronic music
  • Active Step function generates new bass lines by removing or inserting steps

Convenient functions for ease of use

  • Self-tuning function for constant, stable pitch
  • Sync In and Out allows clock sync of multiple instruments from the volca Series as well as Korg’s Monotribe
  • Go-anywhere analogue: play anywhere with the built-in speaker and optional battery power
Keyboard: Multi-touch Keyboard
Synthesizer Type: Analog synthesis
Maximum Polyphony: 3 voices
Structure: 3VCO, 1VCF, 1VCA, 1LFO, 1EG
VCO: Octave, Ring Modulation, Detune, Portamento, EG Intensity
VCO Waves: Sawtooth, Square
VCF: Cutoff, Peak, EG Intensity
VCF Type: Low Pass Filter, 12 dB/oct
LFO: Rate, Pitch Int, Cut-off Int, Wave (Sawtooth, Triangle, Square)
EG: Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain
Effects Delay: Time, Feedback, Temp Sync
Number of Steps: 16
Number of Recording Patterns: 8
Audio Output: Headphones (1/8” stereo mini jack)
Sync In (1/8-Inch monaural mini jack, Maximum input level: 20V)
Sync Out (1/8-Inch monaural mini jack, Maximum Output level: 5V)
Power supply: 6 AA alkaline or KA-350 AC adapter (not included)
For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.