Korg TM-60C WH Metronome Tuner with Contact Mic – White

The Korg TM-60C WH revamps the TM series, allowing you to use both a tuner and a metronome simultaneously. Boasting a larger display, the TM-60C can easily display both the tuner and the metronome at the same time.


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Korg TM-60C WH

The Korg TM-60C WH revamps the TM series, allowing you to use both a tuner and a metronome simultaneously. Boasting a larger display, the TM-60C can easily display both the tuner and the metronome at the same time. The battery life has also been improved. So whether you’re pitch training or rhythm training, the TM-60C will have enough juice to power you for 130 hours.

Tuning and rhythm training are essential for brass band and orchestral practice. With the TM-60C, not only can you use the tuner and metronome simultaneously, but the huge screen allows for easy viewing when it’s sitting on your music stand.

So rather than having to switch between functions, you can easily use practicing techniques. Like keeping a consistent pitch over the course of a long note, or checking the pitch of your chords while using the metronome.

The enlarged display is also backlit with two levels of brightness adjustments including soft and auto. So you’ll have stress-free tuning in those times when you’re on a dimly lit stage or orchestra pit.

Thanks to Korg’s proprietary technology, the TM-60C will accurately detect pitch without any time lag. It will also detect pitch drift before it happens so you can learn to produce unwavering tones with a stable pitch.

Wide Range of Instruments

What’s more, the TM-60C supports a wide variety of orchestral and other instruments. With a range from C1 (32.70 Hz) to C8 (4186.01 Hz) easily detected, as well as instruments such as guitars and ukuleles.

TM-60C – Included Contact Mic

Included with your TMC-60C is a CM-200 contact mic that attaches to your instrument and sends vibrations directly to the tuner for even more accuracy.

Marks that indicate pure major and minor third intervals

In certain ensembles, harmonies of third intervals can easily be perceived as out of tune. Thanks to the TM-60C’s meter scale, you’ll see marks that indicate pure major and minor thirds. So you can easily coincide with these marks and play in beautiful harmony with an ensemble. Perfect for both orchestral instruments, vocal music, and acapella practice.

  • Equipped with high-precision tuner function and metronome function. The two functions can be used simultaneously.
  • The display is approximately 1.3 times the size of the previous model (TM-50), allowing the tuner and metronome to be shown simultaneously.
  • Backlit LCD ensures excellent visibility even in dark locations.
  • LCD needle-type meter detects the pitch instantly, providing the excellent response that you expect from KORG.
  • A wide detection range of C1–C8 supports a broad range of instruments.
  • Calibration is adjustable to match various concert pitches.
  • Marks are provided to indicate pure major and minor third intervals.
  • Sound Out mode and Sound Back mode are great ways to train your ear.
  • Metronome features a wide tempo range from 30 to 252 beats/minute. Choose from three types of tempo settings and 15 rhythm variations.
  • Long-life design with approximately double the battery life. (Compared to the KORG TM-50, in tuner mode with backlight off)
  • Convenient memory backup function and auto power-off function.
  • Further improvements in ease of use, including a newly designed stand and battery compartment cover.
  • Available in black or white, two simple and timeless colors.
  • Includes the CM-200 contact mic for even higher tuning precision.

Scale: 12 note equal temperament

Detection Range: C1 (32.70 Hz) ~ C8 (4186 Hz), Using Sine Wave.

Reference Tone: C3 (130.81 Hz) ~ C6 (1046.50Hz), 3 Octave.

Tuning Modes: Meter Mode (AUTO), Sound Out Mode (MANUAL), Sound Back Mode (AUTO)

Detection Accuracy: +/- 1 cent

Sound Accuracy: +/-1 cent

Tempo Range: Quarter Note = 30 to 252 BPM

Tempo Setting: 3 Types:Pendulum Step, Full Step, Tap Tempo

Terminals: Input (6.3mm, Mono-Standard Jack type), Headphones (3.5mm, Stereo-mini Jack type)

Internal Speaker: Dynamic Speaker (23 mm)

Power Supply: AAA battery (3.0 V) x 2

Battery Life:
Tuner: Approximately 130/55/36 hours (backlight: off/soft/auto, continuous A4 input, using zinc-carbon batteries)
Metronome: Approximately 130/55/36 hours (backlight: off/soft/auto, tempo 120, 4 beats, maximum volume, using zinc-carbon batteries)

Dimensions: (W x D x H) 111 x 74 x 18 mm

Weight: 100 g (Including battery)

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.