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Korg RIMPITCH-C 2 Chromatic Tuner

THE Korg RIMPITCH-C 2 Chromatic Tuner is as convenient as it is reliable. Korg has been honing there their range of chromatic tuners and the RIMPITCH-C 2 is an innovative, brilliantly design.  The RIMPITCH-C 2 provides you with line-of-sight view of your tuner by attaching to the soundhole of your acoustic guitar. The slim, compact design offers guitarists a far more discreet tuning solution than traditional clip-on tuners. It does not obstruct the visual aesthetics of your guitar — most observers won’t even know it’s there!  And the LED display is incredibly readable, giving you an instant and accurate reading of your guitar’s tuning. Featuring an ultra-sensitive piezo pickup, which quickly and accurately detects the sound of each string, as well as rubber cushions on both the inside and outside to ensure cure fit and precise tuning. The Rimpitch-C2 is fast and accurate. The highly visible and readable LED display indicates which string is being tuned and stands within your natural field of vision, allowing you to glance casually at the tuning meter while you perform in bright rooms or dimly lit stages.

The Rimpitch-C2 supports chromatic tuning for tuning your instrument in any scale or key, great for players who use alternate, open or dropped tunings. The pitch detection ranges from E2 to E7, as required for acoustic guitars. The calibration function supports a variety of concert pitches to accommodate your playing style. The unit operates up to 30 hours on one fresh CR1620 lithium battery.

Key Features:
  • Attaches to the inside of an acoustic guitar sound hole
  • Slim, unobtrusive design is more discrete than traditional clip-on tuners
  • Highly visible and readable LED display is within your natural field of vision
  • LEDs with note name indicate which string is being tuned
  • Piezo pickup quickly and accurately detects the string sound
  • Chromatic tuning in any scale or key, for alternate, open, or dropped tunings
  • Pitch calibration function
  • Rubber cushions on both the inside and outside of the tuner ensure a secure fit and guarantee accurate tuning
  • Intuitive design
  • Up to 30 hours of operation on a fresh CR1620 battery
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Auto power-off function automatically turns the power off after three minutes of inactivity
  • Tuner for Acoustic Guitars
  • Attaches Inside Guitar Sound Hole
  • Fast and Accurate Pitch Detection
  • Easily Readable LED Display
  • Unobtrusive Design
  • E2 to E7 Detection Range
  • Chromatic Tuning for Any Scale or Key
  • Adjustable Reference Pitch
  • Easy Battery Replacement


Scale: 12-note equal temperament

Range: E2 (82.41 Hz) to E7 (2637.02 Hz), sine wave

Precision:  ±1 cent

Pitch Calibration Range: A = 438 to 445 Hz, 1 Hz steps


  • Installable Size: Circular sound hole with diameter 3.93″ ±0.11″/ 100 mm ±3 mM

Power:  1 x CR1620 lithium battery, 3 V

Battery Life: Approximately 30 hours (tuner continuously operating, A4 input)

Dimensions: 79 x 32 x 17 mm

Weight: 13 g, (including battery)


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