Korg ODYSSEY Module White Rev1 Duophonic Syntheiszer

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The Korg ARP ODYSSEY Module White is a limited edition duophonic synthesizer module based on the original 1972 ARP Instruments synth, which was a staple for musicians across the world.



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Please note: This product has been discontinued.

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Korg ARP ODYSSEY Module White

The Korg ARP ODYSSEY Module White is a limited edition duophonic synthesizer module based on the original 1972 ARP Instruments synth, which was a staple for musicians across the world.  In its compact, keyboard-less body, it contains the exact same circuitry as the original, making it even easier for you to obtain that rich analog sound that only a genuine ARP ODYSSEY can produce.

By adding the ARP ODYSSEY Module to their setup, DAW users can enhance their production environment with a powerful analog sound that cannot be obtained from any plugin. You can also perform in conjunction with a sequencer such as the KORG SQ-1. If you’re a player with a keyboard that you prefer, you can connect the ARP ODYSSEY Module via MIDI to your favorite keyboard and play it to your heart’s content. In addition, the ARP ODYSSEY Module newly supports MIDI pitch bend.

Unmatched crispness, edgy bite, and snarling aggression

From its introduction in 1972, the ARP Odyssey gained a substantial following for its distinctive sound, which came in a wide range – shrieking leads, industrial effects, squelchy basses, and much, much more. Additionally, the Odyssey is duophonic – that’s right, you can play two notes at once (each one commandeering one of the two oscillators). It also has oscillator hard sync, which lets you craft those visceral tearing patches famously deployed by The Cars on their 1979 hit “Let’s Go.”

Your choice of three classic filter designs

For the new Odyssey, the original design engineer, David Friend, was brought in as a consultant. Original schematics were deconstructed. Absolute authenticity was a must. For instance, it’s well known that during its decade or so of production, the Odyssey sported three different filter designs. Type I was a 2-pole, with an open sound and biting resonance. Type II was a 4-pole ladder filter: round, fat, and rich – great for basses. Type III was also a 4-pole design and similar in many ways to its predecessor, but smoother and silkier when you pushed the resonance. Well, the new Odyssey contains all three filter types – all available at the flick of a switch!

Modulation and more

The Odyssey gives you generous modulation options, including two envelope generators – an ADSR and an AR. Another feature is Sample and Hold – which allows you to modulate your pitch and filter settings using a variety of waveforms. The S/H section also includes the Output Lag slider, which generates a glide effect between voltage steps, effectively rounding off the edges of the LFO waveform. When you set the LFO to be triggered via the keyboard, this gives you an outrageously cool auto-wah effect on each note you play. And using Ring Modulation in conjunction with oscillator sync or the wealth of pitch modulation available, you can create all manner of clangorous, thunderous – and completely magical musical mayhem.


  • A faithful, 86%-scale re-creation of the classic synth’s control panel
  • Monophonic; 2 voices for duophonic (1 oscillator each)
  • Proportional Pitch Control pads; modulation pad
  • White/pink noise generator
  • Portamento speed control
  • 2 VCOs with Sawtooth, Square, and Dynamic Pulse waveforms (with PWM)
  • Lowpass filter (resonant): 12 and 24dB/octave; frequency range: 16Hz-16kHz
  • Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA), dynamic range: 80dB
  • Ring Modulator (digital); Sample and Hold
  • ADSR and AR envelope generators
  • Low (1/4″ TS) and High (XLR) output jacks; 1/4″ TRS headphone jack
  • External Audio Input jack (1/4″ TS)
  • MIDI in (DIN); USB (Type B)
  • 1/8″ TS CV in/out, Gate in/out, and Trig in/out patch points
  • Pedal and Portamento footswitch inputs

Polyphony: 2 voices

Number of Presets: 2 x VCO, VCF, LFO, Noise Generator

Analog Inputs: 1 x 1/4″

Analog Outputs: 1 x 1/4″ (Low -20 dBu out), 1 x XLR (High +4 dBu out), 1 x 1/4″ (headphones)


Pedal Inputs: 2 x 1/4″ (pedal, portamento footswitch)

USB: 1 x Type B

Power Supply: 9V DC power supply (included)

Dimensions: 496 x 265 x 89 mm

Weight: 3.7 kg

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