Korg HA40 Ukulele Tuner

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The Korg HA-40 is a compact and portable Tuner for your Ukulele or Steel Guitar. Featuring a large LCD display, easy to navigate functions, and an input and output connection for connecting your amp. Perfect for any level musician


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Korg, who has sold over twenty million tuners worldwide, has now created the HA-40, a dedicated tuner for the instruments of Hawaiian music; the ukulele, taken up by numerous people because of its beginner-friendly ease of playing, and the steel guitar, widely loved for its distinctive sound and performance technique. In spite of its compact size, the HA-40 is a high-precision LCD tuner with a detection accuracy of better than +/-1 cent, allowing you to tune accurately. It’s designed with the motif of a turtle, beloved in Hawaii as a guardian deity of the ocean.

  • Sharp/flat tuning allows you to tune even with a capo attached to your instrument.
  • Support for various types of Hawaiian performance tunings
  • Sound out mde
  • Auto Power off function
  • Approximately 85 hours of continuous use
  • Scale: 12-note equal temperament
  • Detection Range: C1@bbbbb (24.500Hz)– C8 (4186.01 Hz): for a sine wave
  • Reference Tone:
    UKULELE C (4G, 3C, 2E, 1A)、
    UKULELE G (4D, 3G, 2B, 1E)、
    STEEL-G Am7 (6G, 5C, 4E, 3A, 2C, 1E)、
    STEEL-G C6 (6C, 5E, 4G, 3A, 2C, 1E)、
    STEEL-G E7 (6B, 5D, 4E, 3G#, 2B, 1E)、
    STEEL-G B11 (6B, 5D#, 4F#, 3A, 2C#, 1E)、
    STEEL-G C13 (6A#, 5C, 4E, 3G, 2A, 1C)
  • Tuning Mode: Meter mode (AUTO), Sound Out mode (MANUAL)
  • Detection Accuracy: ±1 cent or better
  • Reference Tone Accuracy: ±1 cent or better
  • Connectors: INPUT jack (1/4” mono), OUTPUT jack (1/4” mono)
  • Speaker: dynamic speaker (28 mm diameter)
  • Power Supply: Two AAA batteries (3V)
  • Battery Life: Approximately 85 hours (Meter mode, continuous A4 input, zinc-carbon batteries)
  • Dimensions (W) x (D) x (H): 100 x 67 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 88 g
For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.