IK Multimedia iRig-Powerbridge Universal Charger for iOS Devices



The iRig-Powerbridge is a compact and versatile charging solution for your iOS device. This unit allows your device to be charge while still allowing connection and operation of your iRig accessories such as the iRig Keys, iRicMic, and more.

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Introducing iRig PowerBridge, a continuous charging system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and digital iRig accessories. Featuring an ultra-low noise audiophile grade power conditioner, comprehensive connection options and other advanced features, it’s the easiest way to plug-in and keep your iOS device charged while practising or performing with your favourite 30-pin or Lightning compatible digital IK gear.

  • Allows continuous use and charging of an iOS device and digital iRig accessory
  • Separate versions available for Lightning or 30-pin devices
  • Works with iRig accessories with Mini-DIN and Micro-USB ports
  • Ultra-low noise audiophile-grade power conditioner
  • Status LED indicates when device is charging


Power: AC Input: 100VAC to 240VAC
– iOS Device: Lightning cable
– iRig Devices: Mini-DIN connector with breakout cable
Dimensions: 44 x 27 x 21mm (cables excluded)

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.