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GoPro Fusion

GoPro Fusion Camera is all about bringing your audience new perspectives from your adventures. With a new unique shape to support a much larger battery, the Fusion is unmistakably a GoPro. Using 2 cameras on either side of the camera, both slightly offset the Fusion can capture everything that happens around it in 5.2K resolution up to 30 fps. The Fusion also incorporates gyroscope-based image stabilisation, and it works really well for 360 content, producing nearly perfectly smooth shots. If you’re producing content for viewing in VR headsets, 3K resolution at a smooth 60 fps may be more appealing. 18MP photos can also be captured in both raw and JPEG formats for editing flexibility and easy sharing, respectively.

The Fusion’s capture resolution may be high, but sharing your videos and photos is not a chore. With the GoPro app, you can play back and share your content right after capture . The GoPro app is a very comprehensive camera control app, and is leagues ahead of many of the other apps specific to 360 cameras. Also, if you own other GoPro’s then you can control them from the app also. With OverCapture, you can extract a moveable 1080p or 720p chunk out of your existing 360 video and create a standard HD video, as if you had a virtual tripod and zoom lens with a camera operator.

To complement the Fusion’s spherical video, spherical audio is also recorded. Using multiple microphones to capture 4-channel audio, the Fusion can record sounds from all directions. Playback of the surround sound offers an immersive sonic experience to go with the spherical video.

Note: The Fusion requires two microSD cards (one for each camera) to record video.

  • Video: Spherical 5.2K video up to 30 fps, 3K up to 60 fps
  • Photo: Capture 18MP spherical photos
  • OverCapture: Create a video using a 1080p or 720p “punched-out” selection from the spherical capture
  • Digital stabilization
  • 360° audio capture
  • Waterproof to 16′
  • Voice control
  • Built-in GPS
Like GoPro’s HERO cameras, the Fusion also includes ProTune. If you like more control over your image, activate ProTune and gain manual control over ISO and exposure compensation.
When you’re on the go, sometimes you need to capture footage at a moment’s notice. With just a tap of the record button while the camera is off, you can immediately start recording video or taking time-lapse footage.
Accessory Compatibility:
With an attachable two-prong mount, the Fusion is compatible with most standard GoPro three-prong accessories. Flat and curved adhesive mounts are included, as is the Fusion Grip, so you can get shooting right away. Charge the included battery through the USB Type-C port. For faster charging times, use the separately available GoPro Supercharger.
Fusion Studio Software:
Available for free on the GoPro website, Fusion Studio is a Windows and Mac compatible program that allows you to process Fusion footage. Connect your camera, and Fusion Studio will walk you through importing, stitching, and exporting your videos for proper editing in your NLE of choice or uploading to your favorite video hosting sites. GoPro’s advanced stitching algorithm will stitch out most mounting accessories for a fully immersive 360° experience.


360 Stitched Video Recording

  • Stitching Resolution: 5.2K
  • Internal/External Stitching: External Stitching
  • Supported Spherical Projection Types: Equirectangular
  • 360 Stitched Video Format External:
    • 5228 x 2624 at 25, 30 fps
    • 3000 x 1504 at 50, 60 fps
  • Still Image Resolution
    • Raw: 18 Megapixel
    • JPEG: 18 Megapixel
  • Number of Lenses: 2

Camera per Lens

  • Sensor 1-Chip CMOS
  • Sensor Resolution 9.3 MP

Optics per Lens

  • Focal Length: 3mm
  • Maximum Aperture: f/2.8
  • Angle of View 360°



  • Recording Media: x microSD/HC/XC (128 GB Maximum)
  • Built-In Mic Yes
  • Channels: 4.0-Channel Surround

Exposure Control:

  • Photo ISO Range 100 – 800 (Manual)
  • Video ISO Range 400 – 6400 (Manual)
  • Interval Recording:
    • .5 Seconds
    • 1 Second
    • 2 Seconds
    • 5 Seconds
    • 10 Seconds
    • 30 Seconds
    • 60 Seconds
  • Burst Photo: 30 Photos / 1 Second


  • Screen Size: 1″
  • Touchscreen: No
  • Status Display: Yes


  • Waterproof Depth: 4.8 m (Camera)
  • Wi-Fi

Input/Output Connectors:

  • Inputs 1 x USB 2.0 Type-C


  • Battery Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, 3.8 VDC, 2620 mAh
  • Charging Method USB