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Electro-Voice EVOLVE50 Short Pole Accessory White

Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50 Short Pole Accessory White, is 32cm in length and designed for the EVOLVE50 portable speaker system. This accessory pole is well suited for a stage deployment, where the standard speaker pole would be too high to effectively cover the audience. The speaker pole features magnetic connectors with integrated wiring for easy setup and breakdown.

The height of the Evolve50 with the included pole is 1984 mm, using the short pole makes your Evolve System 1374 mm in height a much more compact option.

  • bi-directional aluminum pole
  • same maglock system as the larger pole.
  • Magnetic Connectors
  • Integrated Wiring
  • Durable metal pole
  • Fits the Evolve 50 column array system


Material: Aluminum

Color: White

Dimensions (H x W x D): 319 mm x 48 mm x 54.5 mm

Net weight: 0.45 kg

Shipping weight: 0.65 kg


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