DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter Spectra White – MIDI Controller

Built on the familiar format of DJ TechTools’ legendary Midi Fighter line, the Spectra is back! It has full-colour ring lighting, six side-mounted, configurable function buttons, and support for all software that supports MIDI including Traktor, Ableton, Serato and more.

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DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter Spectra White – MIDI Controller

Every night around the world professional DJs, VJs and musicians rely on the DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter Spectra White. Here’s why:

The Best Buttons In The World

Most MIDI controllers feel like a plastic toy with the same buttons as your TV remote. The MIDI Fighter Spectra White is a professional-grade instrument with the best buttons in the world, genuine Sanwa arcade buttons. Also, these are built to take a beating and are a joy to play.

Engineered to Last

Furthermore, the buttons alone are rated at 5 million presses – which essentially means they will never break. You can be confident this controller will survive any tour.

Musical Feel

Arcade buttons bounce back with spring loading for ultra-fast playback and effortless triplets & drum rolls. MIDI Fighter Spectra White is popular for a reason.

Easy To Carry

Specifically, it’s small footprint won’t bloat your gig bag and it fits easily in any DJ booth or studio.

Why Is The Arcade Button Style So Popular?

The arcade button is one-of-a-kind with unique mechanics and a feel that is built to be played hard!

  • Rapid Fire Play – The button is spring-loaded and bounces back like a real drum for ultra-fast triggers.
  • Clear Musical Action – With 10mm of musical travel and clear audible feedback when pressed, this button plays like an instrument should.



Professionals Rely On The MIDI Fighter Spectra White

DJs, Producers and performing artists rave about the MIDI Fighter Spectra White. That’s because it’s a professional product for live performers. In fact, this is an instrument – not a toy – with the best buttons in the business

  • 16-button grid is the standard – The 3D’s universal grid works seamlessly with drum racks, DJ samplers, Ableton and Traktor. It’s the only format that works intuitively with everything.
  • Fun, Musical Triggers – Have fun on stage with a controller you’ll love playing. Musicians want to endlessly tap these buttons because they are so pleasurable.
  • Very Reliable – The best parts in the world never break.

Start Playing Music Instantly with the MIDI Fighter Spectra White

SoundPacks are a new plug-and-play standard. They keep the drums and instruments in the same place on a 16-button grid, so you can load up any pack and instantly start getting creative. The Midi Fighter 3D is the instrument of choice for anyone playing SoundPacks and finger drumming.

Start Playing Today – Thousands of SoundPacks are available for free

Musical Talent Required – FingerDrumming is a real musical skill that is a lot of fun and the MIDI Fighter Spectra White is the ONLY choice of controller for serious finger drummers. 16 buttons = One song – Each pack intuitively places a full song on 16 simple buttons making it possible to get incredibly creative, quickly.

  • High-performance MIDI controller
  • Designed to stand up to rigours of touring artists
  • Full-colour configurable arcade buttons
  • Limited editions available with rare button colours/types
  • Built properly, you can pass it on to your grandkids and it will keep ticking
  • Map its buttons to any midi-compatible effect or software
  • Official mappings for popular DJ and production software
  • Customizable, animated LED colour rings

The Midi Fighter Spectra is a class-compliant, plug-and-play controller. Works with any computer that has a USB port and supports MIDI
Connector: USB 2.0 Type B (cable included)

Compatible Software
Ableton Live
FL Studio
Pro Tools
Serato DJ
Traktor Pro
Virtual DJ

Size & Weight
Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 1.5 In / 15.2 x 15.2 x 2.5 cm
Weight: 2.02 lb / 0.916 kg

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.