Chamsys QuickQ 30 Lighting Control Console

The QuickQ 30 is the perfect choice console for control of dimmer, LED colour mixing and moving light fixtures. The console features a large 9.7 inch touch screen utilising a smart phone like interface for setup, programming and playback of your show.


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Chamsys QuickQ 30 Lighting Control Console

Introducing the Chamsys QuickQ 30 Lighting Control Console. It is part of the ChamSys QuickQ range which offers user-friendly features at an affordable price. This is a perfect console for dimming controls and colour mixing fixtures.

Featuring a 9.7-inch touch screen, that feels like your smartphone so you will feel right at home. It boasts intuitive programming options and playback back of your show. The QuickQ 30 will automatically detect and patch RDM compliant fixtures and also features in-built WiFi.

In-Built WiFi

You can use WiFi to enable remote connections with a free QuickQ app, which is available for macOS and Windows. It will also support both tablets and smartphones. Just simply scan the QR code on the QuickQ 30 display and follow the easy steps to fully synchronize.

You’ll just love the friendly layout; easy to understand buttons; faders and intensity tools. The large touch screen on the QuickQ 30 is very intuitive with Screen zooming; scrolling; cue and playback functions are all at your fingertips.

Novice Friendly

Specifically aimed at the novice user; the QuickQ interface easily leads you through the setup, programming, and operation of the console. You can program your show on the computer then save it to a flash drive. When ready for the main event you can load it onto the QuickQ console.

The QuickQ 30 also has free-to-download offline programming software available for Mac and Windows. This will introduce the ChamSys MagicVis visualizer.

QuickQ Tutorials

MagicQ Software

The MagicQ software is designed for managing contemporary lighting fixtures. Due to the clever labour-saving techniques, it helps you as the programmer to design a successful show.

You can control full lighting visualizations and pixel mapping with up to 256 universal lighting control features. Furthermore, HD media playback is also possible with up to 8 different layers integrating smoothly to a streamlined workflow. This feature shortens the learning curve on even the most complex of light shows thus, saving you valuable time.

The MagicQ is free of charge and works on both Windows and macOS. Even Linux is supported with 64 output universes fully enabled.

MagicQ features include:

  • MagicVis Visualiser
  • Magic HD Pixel-Mapper
  • Morphing
  • Cloning
  • Patch Offsetting
  • Group and Palette FX


QuickQ Software for the QuickQ 30

The QuickQ Software is a quick and easy user interface with a comprehensive feature set. It makes programming easy for students, volunteers, or part-time operators. For example, on smaller-scale shows, even professionals tend to use QuickQ to save valuable time. Due to the smartphone-like interface features, it’s easy to quickly build a small show with intuitive functions.

The software also allows you to replicate your exact rig using the application screen. A very functional feature that allows you to make sense of the staging layout. You can visualize layouts with any fixtures. You can then control all fixtures using simple actions. It also runs across a range of QuickQ consoles and is also available as a QuickQ Designer.



  • Modeled on smartphone icon interfaces for ease of use
  • Intuitive interface allowing simple control of all fixture attributes
  • The interface supports gestures such as pinch-zoom and scrolling
  • Easily connect to the remote app on iOS & Android devices via inbuilt Wi-Fi


Playback Faders:

  • 40 multi-function fixture faders with 3 different modes – Fixture, Group, and Cue
  • 10 multi-cue Playback faders, which are legended on screen
  • The console features a dedicated Grand Master fader for overall level control


Colour Control:

  • A dedicated “colour control area” with Hue and Saturation encoders
  • Select from inbuilt palettes and gel libraries using the touch screen
  • Built-in colour picker for use with LED fixtures



  • QuickQ supports the output of DMX over the network via ArtNet/sACN/Pathport
  • Remote triggering of Playbacks and Execute items via OSC



  • Offline editor available for both Windows and Mac
  • Regular software updates
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Automated Patching
  • HSV Color Mixing
  • Color Picker
  • Built-in FX
  • Chase Support
  • Master Cue Stack
  • Execute Window
  • Audio Triggering
  • Tap to Time


*Audio Out & Midi Out enabled via future software update

Console Weights and Dimensions:

Width: 760mm (29.9 inches)

Depth: 350mm (13.8 inches)

Height: 106mm (4.2 inches)

Weight: 6.1kg (13.44 lb)

*Audio Out & Midi Out enabled via future software update


Hardware Specifications:

  • Universes supported: 4
  • Direct DMX Outputs 5-Pin XLR: 3
  • Master Playback Faders: 10
  • Multi-Function Fixture Faders: 40
  • Bump Buttons: Yes
  • Attribute Encoders: 4
  • Dedicated Hue/Saturation Encoders: Yes
  • Inbuilt 9.7” Multi-touch Display: Yes
  • External Monitor: 1920 x 1080 HDMI
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Network Port: 1
  • USB Ports: 2
  • Audio Input: 1
  • Audio Output: 1*
  • MIDI Ports in/out: Yes*


Software Specifications:

  • Max Number of DMX Channels: 2048
  • Max Number of Fixtures Supported: 2048
  • Max Number of Cue Stacks: 10
  • Max Number of Chases: 10
  • Midi & Midi Timecode Supported: Yes
  • OSC Supported: Yes
  • RDM Autopatch for fast show patching
  • Fixture library of over 30,000 fixture files
  • Built-in FX generator
  • Colour picker and Gel inbuilt Gel library
  • Offline designer software available for Windows and Mac
  • Supported fixtures: All – LEDs, Dimmers & Moving Lights


Included Accessories:

  • USB Desk light: 1
  • Dust cover: 1
  • Tablet stand: 1
  • Wi-Fi Antenna: 1
  • 12V power supply: 1
  • IEC power cable: 1
For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.