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The AVE LMM-800DMXP is a professional grade mirror ball motor with DMX ‘through’ and and extra power outlet. Designed to support up to 40 kg, this motor will suit most mirror balls up to 40-Inch, and with its DMX control is ideal for permanent installations. Super easy to install and use, plus it also features a secondary fixing system for safety wire / safety chain.

  • Designed for mirror ball sizes from 16″ (40cm) to 60″ (150cm)
  • DMX512 Pass through for mounted fixtures
  • Ideal for venues or events
  • Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes for easy installation
  • 240V Mains Powered, no power packs needed
  • Dual mounting shaft for ball and safety wire
  • 1 RPM motor speed

*Please note: This motor is not controllable via DMX


Max supported size: 60″ (150cm)
Max Weight Load: 40 kg
Power: 240V AC / 50Hz
Weight 7.8 kg