Behringer WING 48-Channel 28-Bus Digital Mixing Console

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The Behringer WING gives you a 48-Channel, 28-Bus Full Stereo Digital Mixing Console with 24-Fader Control Surface as well as a 10″ Touch Screen. Giving you a digital mixing desk with never be for seen amounts of features and functionality. Ideal for all your large live and studio applications.


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Behringer WING

The Behringer WING gives you a 48-Channel, 28-Bus Full Stereo Digital Mixing Console with 24-Fader Control Surface as well as a 10″ Touch Screen. Giving you a digital mixing desk with never be for seen amounts of features and functionality. Ideal for all your large live and studio applications.

Personal Mixing Console

Sporting a large capacitive touchscreen and touch-sensitive rotary controls, the WING is super easy to operate. While three separate fader sections and a Custom Controls section can be tailored easily and intuitively to meet your personal requirements. So no matter whether you need a specific bus send fader next to the corresponding channel fader; a dedicated “money” channel always at your fingertips; or you’re even sharing between multiple engineers. The Behringer WING can be configured to elevate your production to a new level. Even allowing you to replace and customize the massive wooden armrest with something personal if you wish! (Find the technical drawings in the download section of the Behringer website)


The Behringer Wing offers a new perspective on mixing; focusing primarily on the Source such as bass drum signal or lead vocal. Therefore, inputs are given even more properties than just a number. While sources can be in mono, stereo, or even mid-side mode. As well as having head amp parameters like gain and phantom power, with specific source mute and metering. You can also give each source a colour, icon, name, and several tags for easy grouping.

What’s great about this, is you can label sources using the WING Co-Pilot app while patching on stage. So no matter whether the signal is patched to a channel, SD recording, or other input; you’ll always see and refer to that Source.


Furthermore, all 48 input channels and 28 bus mixes on the WING can be used for mono, stereo, or mid-side sources. Assigning a stereo source to any channel will automatically render the channel stereo. While its stereo imager stage provides control over width from 150% stereo down to mono. What’s more, you don’t need to reboot the console to apply any changes. With all configurations able to be changed at any time on the fly!

Plugins on Every Channel

Additionally, every channel and bus features plug-ins for gates, compressors, and equalizers. Including high-end simulations that have been modeled after some of the worlds most famous hardware. Such as Pultec EQ; SSL Bus Compressor and Gate/Expander; SPL Transient Designer; Neve EQ; Compressor & Gate; Focusrite ISA and D3; DBX160; LA-2A; 1176; Elysia mPressor; and Empirical Labs Distressor.

Controls, and more Controls

There’s also a central section on the Behringer WING that offers user-assignable controls. Allowing you to control 4 rotary encoders and 20 buttons with 2 LCDs, and decide exactly what functions you’d like to have within reach. Not to mention, there’s a large rotary wheel that offers fine-adjustments of up to 8 user parameters. You can even use it for DAW remote control via USB MIDI. Finally, the control configuration also includes pre-defined functionality for USB and SD card recorder transport, show control, and mute groups.

Ultimate Fine Tuning

But wait, there’s more. Every input channel on the Behringer WING features both lo-cut and hi-cut filters; tilt-EQ; Sound Maxer; as well as a 6-band parametric EQ. While all buses, matrices, and mains feature an 8-band parametric EQ. Alternatively, the WING offers 8 meticulous emulations of famous hardware equalizers that you can use in each and every channel.

Premium Effects

The WING Premium FX rack boasts 8 true-stereo processors, with accurate emulations of the most revered effects. Including Reverbs, TC VSS3 algorithms, Lexicon, Quantec, and EMT emulations. As well as fantastic delays, voice doubling, chromatic pitch correction, tape saturation, and even more. Not to mention another 8 true-stereo processors that provide modulation, equalization, dynamics, and non-linear effects. Even four iconic guitar amps and cabinet simulations.

Stay Connected

Boasting 374 ins and outs, you need loads of digital connectivity. With the Behringer WING, you get 3 AES50 SuperMAC audio networking ports. Allowing you to connect digital stage boxes or share up to 144 input and output streams with other mixing consoles. There are 48×48 channels of USB audio, as well as another 64×64 channels of Audio over IP.

There’s also a WING expansion slot that features LIVE SD recording card for various standards such as ADAT, MADI, DANTE, and WSG. Offering another 64×64 audio in and out. Plus, the brand new Klark Teknik StageCONNECT interface allows transmission of 32 channels 24-bit audio with sub-millisecond latency, together with control data and 18 W of power over a single standard microphone cable. Given its flexibility and ease of use, this may well become the future of XLR. We are considering opening our implementation to other developers, allowing them to create their own projects featuring StageCONNECT.

Behringer is proud to incorporate 8 original Midas PRO-Series microphone preamps and 8 XLR outputs with towering audio quality for both live and studio environments. 8×8 TRS line auxiliary ins and outs help bring in signals from media players or computers. If that’s not enough local analog I/O, the new StageCONNECT interface allows connection of breakout boxes with up to 32 channels of input and output, e.g. connecting the console to the side rack over a single XLR microphone or DMX cable.

  • 8 award-winning Midas PRO mic preamps and 8 Midas PRO outputs onboard
  • 24 motorized 100 mm faders in 3 separate, fully configurable sections
  • “Plug and play” remote I/O connectivity for up to 144 input and output signals over 3 AES50 ports featuring Klark Teknik’s SuperMAC technology for ultra-low jitter and latency
  • Large main display with capacitive touch screen and adjustable display swivel
  • Unique touch-sensitive channel editing section with 11 rotary controls and dedicated color TFT for staying on top of all channel properties
  • Optional module for 64×64 channels of audio over Ethernet – supporting WAVES SoundGrid Technology* or Dante/AES67 Technology*
  • 48 x 48 channel USB 2.0 audio interface onboard with DAW remote control emulating HUI* and Mackie Control*
  • Dual-SD card live recorder/player with up to 64 tracks and markers for identifying song positions
  • Additional 4-channel control section with rotary controls, buttons and parameter display for permanent access to mains, matrices or “money-channels”
  • Premium FX rack with 8 true-stereo processors and world-class TC algorithms, Lexicon*, Quantec* and EMT* emulations
  • Standard FX rack with 8 true-stereo processors for a wide array of modulation, EQ, dynamics etc. – also allows blending outboard effects to the mix
  • 5 variable plug-in processing slots for all 40 stereo input channels, featuring the most iconic vintage analog equalizers and compressors, plus insert FX slot and 4-band parametric EQ for all 8 stereo aux channels
  • Custom Controls offering 16 latching or momentary buttons and 4 rotary controls, easily being configured for preferred functions
  • 4 main, 8 matrix and 16 aux stereo buses, featuring dual inserts, 8-band parametric EQ’s, stereo imager and full dynamics processing
  • 2 Ethernet ports with integrated switch for networked remote control
  • Built-in expansion port for optional audio interface cards or digital networking bridges, MADI* and ADAT/WC
  • StageCONNECT 32-channel low-latency interface for personal monitoring or analog I/O boxes, AES/EBU stereo digital in
    – and outputs on balanced XLR, 8×8 balanced TRS auxiliary line in
    – and outputs, 2 TRS phones connectors, MIDI I/O and 4 GPIO ports

Type: Digital Mixer

Channels: 48 Stereo (40 x channel, 8 x aux)

Inputs – Mic Preamps: 8 x XLR-1/4″ combo (mic/line)

Phantom Power: Yes

Outputs – Main: 8 x XLR

Inputs – Digital: 1 x XLR (AES/EBU), 3 x EtherCON (AES50 SuperMAC), 1 x XLR (StageCONNECT)

Outputs – Digital: 1 x XLR (AES/EBU), 3 x EtherCON (AES50 SuperMAC), 1 x XLR (StageCONNECT)

Send/Return I/O: 8 x 1/4″ TRS (aux in), 8 x 1/4″ TRS (aux out)

Busses/Groups: 8 x Stereo Matrix, 4 x Stereo Mains, 16 x Aux Stereo Bus

Inserts: Dual Inserts per Bus, FX Insert Slot

MIDI I/O: In/Out

Data I/O: 2 x Ethernet (control/audio network)

Remote: 1 x 1/4″ (GPIO 1-2), 1 x 1/4″ (GPIO 3-4)

USB: 1 x Type B, 1 x Type A

Computer Connectivity: USB 2.0, 24-bit/48kHz (48 x 48)

I/O Expansion Slots: 1 x Expansion Port (24-bit/48kHz)

Headphones: 2 x 1/4″

Faders: 24 x 100mm Motorized

A/D Resolution: Up to 24-bit/192kHz

EQ Bands: 6-band Parametric EQ (channel), 8-band Parametric EQ (bus), Additional EQs and Configurations

Effects: 8 x Premium FX Stereo Processors, 8 x Standard FX Stereo Processors, 5 x Variable Plug-in Slots

Signal Processing: Full Dynamics Processing

DAW Control: Yes (HUI, Mackie)

Screen: 10″ Capacitive Touchscreen, Adjustable Swivel

Storage: 2 x SD Card Slot (dual 32 track max)

Power Source: Standard IEC AC cable

Height: 20cm

Depth: 60cm

Width: 90cm

Weight: 25kg

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.