Behringer UB-Xa Analogue 16-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

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More than just a recreation of a classic synthesizer, UB-Xa has all the bells, whistles and characteristics that came with the original, but it’s also filled to the brim with modern features such as velocity and after-touch, 512 user program memories and comprehensive MIDI implementation.

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$1799$1999Save $200 (10.1%)
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Behringer UB-Xa Analogue 16-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

Embrace the legacy and make your mark on history with the UB-Xa from Behringer. More than just a recreation of a classic synthesizer, the UB-Xa has all the characteristics that came with the original. Also, it’s filled to the brim with modern features. It has velocity and after-touch, 512 user program memories and comprehensive MIDI implementation.

This makes for a well-rounded synth that’ll make friends with anything in your setup.

Faithful Recreation and More

To recreate its iconic growl and sizzle, Behringer dove deep into the inner workings of the original OB-Xa. They brought these elements into the 21st century including all its original factory patches that made the 80s roar.

Thanks to its VCOs and VCFs heavily based on the original 3340 and 3320 chip designs, 16 voices and the ability to split its keyboard so you can layer 2 different sounds, the UB-Xa is capable of conjuring up massive sounding riffs.

An Icon for the Icons

The UB-Xa is a synth like no other that stands on the shoulders of giants! Its legacy is what gave birth to the 80’s most iconic hits from the world’s most famous artists!

From Rush’s Geddy Lee, The Police, Prince to Van Halen, and even the iconic Terminator theme composed by Brad Fiedel, the UB-Xa’s lineage is filled only with the greats and now you can make your own mark on history as well.

Play Your Way

The UB-Xa comes with 61 full-sized, semi-weighted keys with polyphonic aftertouch and velocity sensitivity. They detect every nuance of your playing from soft, feather-like touches to an intense chordal bombardment. The 8-channel modulation matrix provides you with the extreme flexibility and expands what the UB-Xa can do sonically.

The 26 rotary controls plus a myriad of other functions give you direct control over the UB-Xa’s VCOs, LFOs, ADSR generators and VCAs to sculpt your sound in a nigh-on unlimited number of ways.

Total Recall

Finding that tone you’ve been looking for after tweaking and noodling is one of the most rewarding things when playing a synth. This is why there is an included 512 user program memories that allow you to save any setting. You can even assign them to any of the preset recall switches. Therefore, you can change presets on the fly, in the middle of a jam.

UB-Xa Key Highlights:

  • Authentic reproduction of classic OB-Xa including original factory patches
  • Vintage mode allows selection of 8 synthesizer signatures including OB-Xa, OB-8 and more
  • 16 voices with 2 VCOs per voice and oscillator sync mode
  • Analog polyphonic synthesizer and authentic reproduction of classic OB-Xa including original factory patches
  • Vintage mode allows selection of 8 synthesizer signatures including OB-Xa, OB-8 and more
  • 16 voices with 2 VCOs per voice and oscillator sync mode
  • Multi-timbral capability allows splitting or layering 2 different sounds
  • VCOs and VCFs based on reproductions of original 3340 and 3320 semi conductor designs
  • Both VCOs generate sawtooth, triangle or square waveforms with variable pulse width
  • Selectable dual-slope 12/24 dB analog low-pass filter per voice with adjustable resonance
  • 61 semi-weighted full-size keys featuring poly after-touch and velocity sensitivity
  • Flexible 8-channel modulation matrix for dramatic expansion of sonic possibilities
  • Dual-layer arpeggiator and sequencer with real-time sequence transpose
  • Velocity and after-touch can be optionally used for more expressive performance
  • 2 dedicated LFOs with 7 waveform shapes for modulation of pulse width, oscillator pitch and filter cutoff frequency
  • 2 ADSR generators per voice for control of VCF and VCA
  • Stereo VCA per voice to allow control over voice/layer panning
  • 26 rotary controls give direct and real-time access to all important parameters
  • High-quality LCD Display with encoder for rapid parameter editing
  • Assignable preset recall switches for immediate program selection
  • Spring-loaded pitch and assignable modulation paddles provide total hands-on performance
  • 512 user program memories with “compare and match” feature to quickly match all analog controls to stored program values
  • Fully servo-balanced outputs for highest signal integrity
  • CV/pedal inputs for connection to expression pedals and footswitches
  • MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) to enable multidimensional controllers and multiple parameters per note
  • Comprehensive MIDI implementation (including NRPN/CC control of all parameters and bulk load/save)

Synthesizer Architecture:

Number of Voices: 16-voice bi-timbral

Type: Analog

Oscillators: 32

LFO: 2

VCF: 1 low pass, 2-pole or 4-pole, (12dB or 24dB/oct slope), switchable

Envelopes: VCA, VCF



MIDI In/out/thru: 5-pin DIN / 16 channels

USB (MIDI): USB 2.0, type B

Main Output: 2 x 1/4″ TRS, balanced, max. 22 dBu, Impedance: 50 Ω

Headphones: 1/4″ TRS, stereo, max 25mW dBu, Impedance: 25 Ω

Foot Pedals:

  • Vibrato: 1/4″ TRS, balanced
  • Filter: 1/4″ TRS, balanced


Foot Switches:

  • Sustain: 1/4″ Mono
  • Program advance: 1/4″ Mono
  • Hold: 1/4″ Mono



Type: Class-compliant USB 2.0, type B

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 or higher


Manual Section:


  • Volume: 0 to 255
  • Balance
  • Master tune



  • Auto
  • Chord


Control Section:


  • Portamento
  • OSC 2 Detune



  • Unison


Arpeggiator Section:


  • Rate



  • Settings
  • Hold
  • On


LFO Section:


  • LFO Rate



  • Waveform



  • Sine
  • Inverse Sawtooth
  • Square
  • Sawtooth
  • Sample & hold
  • Trig
  • SMP


Modulation Section:


  • OSC 1 depth
  • OSC 2 depth



  • OSC 1 freq
  • OSC 2 freq
  • Filter freq
  • OSC 1 PWM
  • OSC 2 PWM
  • Volume mod


Oscillator Section:


  • Frequency 1
  • Pulse width
  • Frequency 2



  • Saw waveform 1
  • Pulse waveform 1
  • Sync OSC 2
  • F-ENV (envelope follow) OSC 2
  • Saw waveform 2
  • Pulse waveform 2
  • Shift


Keyboard Section:


  • Split (keyboard)
  • Double (keyboard)
  • Lower (keyboard)
  • Upper (keyboard)


Sequencer Section:


  • Rest / tie
  • Record
  • Stop
  • Play / pause


Filter Section:


  • Frequency
  • Resonance
  • Modulation
  • Noise



  • OSC 1
  • Half OSC 2
  • Full OSC 2
  • 4 Pole
  • Track


Envelope Section:


  • Attack (envelope)
  • Decay (envelope)
  • Sustain (envelope)
  • Release (envelope)
  • Attack (filter)
  • Decay (filter)
  • Sustain (filter)
  • Release (filter)


Programmer Section:


  • Select encoder



  • Compare
  • Manual
  • Write
  • Preset / value –
  • Preset / value +



  • 2 x line, 16-digit LCD display


Assignable Preset Recall Section:


  • 1 / USB / MIDI
  • 2 / Vel / aft
  • 3 / Voice
  • 4 / Mod


Keyboard and Controls:


  • Pitch
  • Modulation



  • Rate
  • Depth



  • Waveform
  • OSC 1 mod
  • OSC 2 mod
  • OSC 2 only (bend)
  • Amount (bend)
  • Transpose down
  • Transpose up



  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Sawtooth
  • Inverse Sawtooth
  • Random
  • Sample & hold


Keyboard: 61 full-size keys with velocity and polyphonic aftertouch

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.