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Behringer Neutron

The Behringer Neutron is a paraphonic semi-modular synthesizer featuring a fully analog circuit. The innovative design features a pure analog signal path, recreate the classic VCO design for optimal sound performance. The semi-modular architecture features a wide range of connections including patch points and MIDI I/O, as well as default routings that require not patching. At the core of the synth is the dual 3340 analog oscillators, delivering a wide sonic range for unprecedented sound design capabilities. You can also blend between oscillator waveforms with ease, seamlessly blending between tone modulation, pulse, sawtooth, triangle and sine waves. This allows you to achieve new waveform combinations for a truly unique sound.

Paraphonic Mode & Controls

When used in Paraphonic mode, the Behringer Neutrons allows both oscillators to be controlled independently. This versatile feature allows for deeper control of your synth, ideal for live performances where you wish to make dynamic changes on the fly. It also boasts individual pulse width/tone modulation control allowing you to fine-tune your sound. The synth includes a self-oscillating, multi-mode VCF with dual output, allowing you to sculpt the tone of your sound with the powerful filters. 2 analog ADSR generator providing modulation of the VCF and VCA for further modulation options, allowing you to change the style and shape of your sound. This allows you to achieve everything from percussive sounds to rich melodic tones.

Analog Delay & Overdrive Circuit

The Neutron comes complete with a multiple stage analog delay, basing its design on the classic BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) technology. This rich analog delay allows you add delay to your sounds, ideal for live performances. The overdrive circuit delivers analog warmth and edge to your sounds, bringing out the brash side of your tones. Also included is a noise generator, designed to dramatically change the waveform generation, for sound experimentation purposes. The flexible LFO feature s five waveforms shapes in total as well as MIDI clock sync and key sync.

Controls & Jack Matrix

In total, the Behringer Neutron Synthesizer features 36 controls and 7 buttons, giving you direct access to all the parameters in real-time. This comprehensive control section features notched rotary controls, allowing you to change your settings with ease. The ergonomic layout is set in section with clearly annotated rotary controls. The 32/24 out jack matrix provides a wide range of patching options, keeping true to vintage-style synthesis. This allows you to get hands-on with your parameters, as well as communicating with other equipment. It features a patchable audio-rate sample and hold with glide for added flexibility.

Versatile Connectivity

In addition to the jack matrix, the Neutron also boasts an independent headphone output with dedicated level control for private monitoring. External audio input for processing external sound sources such as drum machines, keyboards and more. The comprehensive USB/MIDI implementation for connection to a keyboard/sequencer.


  • 2 x 3340 “Curtis chip” analog oscillators
  • 5 waveform shapes (Tone mod, Saw, Pulse, Triangle, Sine)
  • Ability to blend between the 5 waveform shapes
  • Semi-modular design
  • Pulse width and Tone Mod control
  • Switchable multimode 12db/Oct filter
  • 2 x Anlaog Envelope (ADSR) generators
  • Can operate in Paraphonic mode
  • Single LFO with 5 waveform options + MIDI sync
  • Analog overdrive circuit
  • Analog delay based on Bucket Brigade Delay
  • 56 point patch bay
  • Utility functions such as attenuators & slew rate limiter
  • Audio-rate sample and hold
  • USB connectivity (MIDI only)
  • MIDI thru
  • Mono In/Out on 1/4 jack