Behringer 911A Dual Trigger Delay Eurorack Module System 55

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The Behringer System 55 911A brings you a dual trigger delay and authentic reproduction of the classic Moog “Modular 55” series.

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Behringer 911A

The Behringer System 55 911A brings you a dual trigger delay and authentic reproduction of the classic Moog “Modular 55” series. Used by some of the world’s most famous pop, rock, and jazz musicians; System 55 was an expensive, but massive hit during the ’70s. Today, Behringer brings you modules such as the 911A that allow you to build your own unique synthesizer. Fitting seamlessly into a standard Eurorack case at an extremely affordable price.

Whether you want to mix and match specific modules to customize your synth, or you want to fill your entire room with modules; Behringers System 55 allows you to make all your synth dreams come true!


The 911A comes complete with two delay triggers that each have their own delay time controls. Ranging from as little as 2ms up to 10 seconds, as well as their own 3.5mm S-Trig ins and outs. Additionally, by connecting your 911A to the Behringer 911 Envelope Generator module, you can turn your Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release (ADSR) module into a Delay/Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release (DADSR) module.

On top of that, rather than simply playing the note when the signal’s triggered, the 911A creates a nice volume swell effect. Rising from 0 until peak volume, then going through the rest of the phases set in the envelope generator.


What’s more, the 911A allows for coupling your delays in three different ways. In the Off-setting, the delays are triggered separately via trigger inputs. In Parallel mode, the trigger at the top section activates both delays at the same time. While Series mode triggers the top section first, then the lower section after that.

Behringer 911A – Eurorack Ready

Finally, the 911A is extremely easy to install and fits perfectly in a standard Eurorack case. All you need to do is connect the power cables to the power supply, then screw in the module with the included screws. Allowing you to mix the 911A with your other synth modules for a truly unique synthesizer setup!

  • An authentic reproduction of the circuitry from the “Modular 55” Series
  • Artist roster includes world’s most famous pop, rock and jazz musicians
  • Dual trigger delay with delay times ranging from 2 ms-10 sec
  • 2 separate channels with dedicated S-trig inputs and outputs
  • Channels can be used independently, in series, or in parallel
  • Eurorack specs: 8 HP, 6 mA +12 V, 6 mA -12 V

Brand: Behringer


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