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AVE Bassboy 3

The AVE Bassboy 3 is the long-awaited 18″version is a powerful addition to the popular Bassboy powered subwoofer range. The Bassboy range is a labor of love for the AVE engineers and it shows. All Bassboy’s have specially selected components that are powerful and pack a punch while being lightweight and efficient. The AVE Bassboy 3 powered subwoofer will add some serious low end to your live rig, engineered for flexibility you get a Sub that is flexible enough to suit almost any mid-high speaker set up. Featuring a high performance 18″ woofer, powered by a 700W Class-D amplifier, it can run all night without heating issues.  On top of that like all of the Bassboy’s, the enclosure is as discreet as it is compact, one of the most compact designs on the market, making the AVE Bassboy 3 is ultra-lightweight and easy to transport. Measuring in at under 65cm3 and weighing in at 39 kg, this is a great sub for being on the road. Make no mistake, the 700w powered subwoofer’s 18″ long-excursion low-frequency driver will give you the definition, clarity, and low-end punch you need to let your audiences really feel the bass and keep the party going.

Class D amplifier delivers massive sound in a lightweight package

Because it uses an ultra-efficient Class D amplifier, the AVE Bassboy 3 powered subwoofer is able to provide you with enormous power and phenomenal sonic performance in an ultra-portable, lightweight package. This revolutionary amplifier design eliminates the need for huge power supplies and massive heat sinks, ensuring that your speaker retains all of its power, despite its light, energy-efficient form factor. Also, because it uses less energy, the Class D amplifier’s efficient design means you can rock all night long without having to give your sub a break to cool down.

Hand Selected LF Driver provides accurate, pulse-pounding bass

The AVE Bassboy 3 powered subwoofer’s LF Driver has been hand selected for just one purpose: to deliver flawless, pulse-pounding, chest-thumping bass. Because it was designed specifically for its intended application, you can rest assured that you’re getting accurate, professional-sounding low-frequency sound reproduction, even at extremely high SPLs. While the woofer is built into the strong wooden enclosure and features a bass reflex design for maximum performance and efficiency.

Speaker management features give you complete control of your sound

The speaker management features on the Bassboy 3 make it easy to set up your system. The built-in controls make it a perfect fit for almost any application. The built in crossover, volume control and phase switch ensure flexibility and provide frequency control for tuning to your room / PA.

This is a must have subwoofer for any DJ, Band, or Venue wanting to take their speaker system to the next level!

  • Powered 18″ PA Subwoofer
  • Built-in 700W Class-D amplifier delivers massive sound in a lightweight package
  • High grade 18″ LF driver provides incredibly accurate, pulse-pounding bass
  • Punchy and powerful sound
  • Easy to transport at under 40 kg
  • Dense composite wood cabinet
  • Rear ported
  • LED Power and Clip indicators, for perfect monitoring
  • Designed in Australia
  • Built-in crossover provides highpass filtered outputs for full-range loudspeakers
  • Ergonomically shaped handles for easy transport
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life


Peak Power: 700 watts

RMS Power: 300 watts

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Amplifier Type: Class-D

Frequency Response: 35Hz – 150Hz

THD: <0.5%

Woofer: 18″

Power Supply: 240V AC / 50Hz

Dimensions (WxDxH): 550 x 650 x 550 mm

Weight: 39 kg