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Auralex HoverDeck V2

The Auralex HoverDeck V2 is a pair of high quality isolation mats for your riser and drum kit. The mats acts as a buffer between your kit and the floor, and is super easy to use. The Hoverdeck V2 is designed to decouple your kit from your riser or floor, preventing vibration transfer & sound discoloration.

A total of 8 panels (4 sets) of Hoverdeck V2 can accommodate a typical four and five-piece drum kit. And a total of 12 or more panels can be configured for larger drum kits and touring applications. All configurations utilize a set of low-profile isolating boards that assemble quickly via strategically placed hook and loop fasteners. Plus an optional rugged road case is also available from Auralex to make storage  and transport a breeze.

  • Decouples drums from stages and floors
  • Optimizes the tone of your drum kit
  • Reduces structure resonance
  • Fabric-covered panels keep your kit in-place
  • Expandable to accommodate larger setups


For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.