Ashun Sound Machine Hydrasynth Deluxe ASM HYDRASYNTHDLX 16 Voice Dual Engine Synth

Introducing the Ashun Sound Machine Hydrasynth Deluxe. Offering a duel-engine setup with a total of 16x voices the Hydrasynth Deluxe is a truly versatile 73-note flagship synth.

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Ashun Sound Machine Hydrasynth Deluxe

Introducing the Ashun Sound Machine Hydrasynth Deluxe. Offering a duel-engine setup with a total of 16x voices the Hydrasynth Deluxe is a truly versatile 73-note flagship synth. With KeySplit and Dual voice mode patches offering 8x independent voices, the Hydrasynth Deluxe is essentially two Hydrasynths in one instrument. The KEY-BED provides you with great playability and expression as it features polyphonic aftertouch. The easily accessible 4-octave ribbon controller will further add for truly expressive playing. This versatile deluxe synth is perfect for home, studio and live performance use.

Dual Sound Engines

In SINGLE mode the Hydrasynth Deluxe offers 16x voices of polyphony. You can however split the 16voices into two completely separate 8 voice sound engines in MULTI mode. The two MULTI modes for separate sound engine operation includes KEYSPLIT which creates classic keyboard splitting between two patches, and DUAL which enables layering of two patches over the whole keyboard.

A dedicated balance knob for direct adjustment of the mix between LOWER and UPPER parts of the MULTI patch is available on the panel, as well as separate stereo audio outputs and MIDI channel assignments for true bi-timbral operation.

POLYTOUCH & Ribbon Controller

The proprietary 73-note semi-weighted KEY-BED offer users polyphonic aftertouch for full expression. The high-quality key bed allows for both ON/OFF velocity and aftertouch as well as full polyphonic aftertouch. The Hydrasynth Deluxe features a high-quality KEY-BED with 73 standard-sized keys. You can also add an additional level of expression to any patch using the 4-octave Ribbon Controller. Located above the KEY-BED you can freely assign the Ribbon Controller as a source in the Mod Matrix. You can also use it in Theremin Mode where it will send both trigger and pitch.

Oscillators and Mutators

The Hydrasynth Deluxe offers 3x Oscillators that provide you with a selection of 219 single cycle waveforms. Because creating user WAVETABLES on synths is arduous or downright impossible the Hydrasynth Deluxe offers Oscillators 1 & 2 to have a WAVE-LIST mode instead. The WAVE-LIST mode gives uses to pick and choose from 8 waves and from a bank of 219 so you can arrange them in the order you want. Once selected you can then morph from one to another.

Mutators allow you to modulate, bend and sculpt a new sound. Oscillators 1 & 2 can be routed into Mutators in order to alter the sound in new (and old) ways. When using a Mutator it can also generate its own waveforms in both FM and Sync modes. This means that that you do not have to use another Oscillator. However, the routing is flexible so you can choose the other Oscillators as mod sources if you like.

Mixer & Filter Routing

When using one of the 3x Oscillators they are fed into a mixer with the Noise generator and Ring Modulator. Aside from panning, you can mix the levels of the input source. The balance control allows you to choose how much of each source signal is routed to filters 1 & 2. You can also set the filters to series and parallel for ultimate flexibility.

LFO’s and Envelopes

The Hydrasynth Deluxe features 5 Low-Frequency Oscillators. You can create patterns of up to 64 steps with the STEP mode function. This provides you with an amazing amount of possibilities as you have 5x mini step sequencers that allow for shaping your sound. The Hydrasynth Deluxe also offers 10 standard waveforms to choose from. The LFO’s all have delay, fade-in, 3 triggering modes, smoothing, start phase, one-shot mode so that they can act as envelopes and BPM sync.

Furthermore, 5x DAHDSR Envelopes have been included. The 6x stage envelopes feature Delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain and Release stages. Setting a time setting for the stage can be set in seconds or in time divisions which ensures the envelopes can be played in sync with your song. You can also loop the envelopes to create LFO’s whose shape can be voltage controlled in the modulation matrix. The envelopes have the added ability to be triggered from multiple sources.

Modulation Matrix in the Hydrasynth Deluxe

32x user-definable modulation routings offer plenty of ways to use the 29 modulation sources and 155 modulation destinations. The powerful synth engine allows for modulation destination including effects and the arpeggiator. This also includes the Modulation Matrix Points themselves to also become modulation destinations. Modulation sources & destinations include the CV Mod In & Out jacks as well as MIDI CC’s

Arpeggiator & CV/GATE

The arpeggiator provides uses for standard note arpeggiations and further offers a built-in phrase arpeggio. In order to add life and spontaneity, parameters such as RATCHET and CHANCE can generate rhythmic patterns with some randomness in your performance.  You can also modulate most of the parameters in the arpeggiator so imagine using LFO’s, Envelopes, Polyphonic Aftertouch or the Ribbon Controller to modify your arpeggios in real-time. In MULTI mode, the UPPER and LOWER part can have their own separate arpeggiator settings
Aside from the standard MIDI and USB/MIDI interface, the Hydrasynth Deluxe goes a little deeper. It also offers the use of CV/GATE interfaces for connecting to the modular world. It supports the Eurorack that use standard voltages and also includes the 1.2V per octave Buchla standard as well as some of the Japanese Volts>HZ products. The MOD in and outs allow for modulation from DC to full audio ranges, expanding your modulation capabilities.

Hydrasynth Deluxe Macros & Patches

In a live performance situation, the patch MACROS allow the user deep control over the engine. Each of the 8x assignable encoders and buttons can be routed to 8 destinations. This results in a complete sound transformation that can take place with the press of a button or the turn of a knob. In Hydrasynth Deluxe, it is possible to control the macros of both the LOWER and UPPER parts in MULTI mode at the same time.

With 5x banks of 128x patches in total, the Hydrasynth Deluxe offers plenty of choices. The included browser makes searching for the right patch in the library easy. When using the PC/MAC based Patch Manager application it also offers you to create a favourite order that you are comfortable with. You can also load in new patch libraries for future use.

The Hydrasynth is also available as the ASM Hydrasynth Digital Wave Morphing Keyboard Synthesiser.
  • 16-voice polyphonic digital wave morphing synthesizer
  • Single/Multi Dual/Keysplit voicing options
  • POLYTOUCH™ Polyphonic Aftertouch, Note on/off velocity keyboard with 73 full-size keys
  • MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) compatibility
  • Multi-function ribbon controller (Modulation, Pitch bend, Theremin mode)
  • Microtuning support via MIDI Tuning Standard files
  • 1024 Single program locations with Category Search
  • 640 Multi program locations with 1280 embedded program locations
  • Dual stereo audio outputs


Tech Specs
Type: Polyphonic Wave Morphing Synthesizer
Sound Engine Type(s): Wavescan
Analog/Digital: Digital
Number of Keys: 73
Type of Keys: ASM POLYTOUCH™ Polyphonic Aftertouch Keyboard, On/Off Velocity-sensitive
Other Controllers: Ribbon Controller, Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel
Polyphony: 16 voices (Full/Layer/Split)
Number of Presets: 1024 Single Programs, 1280 Programs in Multi (Upper/Lower)
Number of Multis: 640 Programs


  • 3 x Wavescan oscillators (219 Waveforms),
  • 4 x Mutator waveshapers (8 Types),
  • Noise (7 Types)

Mutators: 8 Types (FM-Lin, WaveStack, PW-Orig, PW-Squeeze, PW-ASM, Harmonic Sweep, Hard Sync, PhazDiff)

Noise: 7 Types (White, Pink, Brown, Red, Blue, Violet, Grey)
LFO: 5 per Voice (Sine, Triangle, Saw Up, Saw Down, Square, Pulse27%, Pulse13%, S&H, Noise, Random, Step), Tempo syncable, Semitone Lock
Envelopes: 5 per voice, Tempo syncable, Variable trigger sources
Filter Types: 1 Multimode Filter (16 types) and 1 Variable LP-BP/Notch-HP filter, series or parallel routing

  • Filter 1 (LP Ldr12, LP Ldr24, LP Fat12, LP Fat24, LP Gate, LP MS20, HP MS20, LP 3-Ler, BP 3-Ler, HP 3-Ler, LP Stn12, BP Stn12, HP Stn12, LP 1 Pole, LP 8 Pole, Vowel)
  • Filter 2 (LP-BP-HP, LP-Notch-HP)

Effects: 9 Insert Effects, 5 Delays, 4 Reverbs
Effects Types: Chorus, Flanger, Rotary, Phaser, Lo-Fi, Tremolo, EQ, Compressor, Distortion, Delay, Reverb
Arpeggiator: 8 types (Up, Down, Up&Down, Up/Down, Order, Random, Chord, Phrase)
Other: Mod Matrix (32 slots), Macro Controllers (8), Favorites (32), Randomizer (Patch and Module), MPE Compatibility, Warm Mode, Microtuning
Audio Outputs: 4 x 1/4″ Balanced (L/Mono Upper, R Upper, L Lower, R Lower)
Headphones: 1 x 1/4″, 1 x 1/8″, Separate volume control
USB: 1 x Type B
MIDI I/O: In/Out/Thru
Pedal Inputs: 2 x 1/4″ (expression, sustain)
Other I/O: 2 x 1/8″ Inputs (Mod 1, Mod2), 5 x 1/8″ Outputs (CV, Gate, Mod1, Mod2, Clock)
Power Supply: 12V DC switchable power supply
Additional: Utility shelf
Height: 9.2cm
Width: 112.9cm
Depth: 34.6cm
Weight: 13.3kg

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