Arturia PolyBrute 61-Key 6-voice Polysynth

More than just a synthesizer, the Arturia PolyBrute brings you a 6-voice analog powerhouse. Boasting unprecedented expressivity and sound morphing capabilities that allow you to perform fearlessly, compose with fluidity, and explore sound in perpetual motion.

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Arturia PolyBrute

More than just a synthesizer, the Arturia PolyBrute brings you a 6-voice analog powerhouse. Boasting unprecedented expressivity and sound morphing capabilities that allow you to perform fearlessly, compose with fluidity, and explore sound in perpetual motion.

Thanks to the 6 analog voices, you can create a sound that’s powerful, raw, and uniquely yours. Sounds capable of existing in two states simultaneously in a single preset with seamless morphing between them. As well as multi-axis performance controls that give you next-level musical expression. Not to mention the limitless and instant modulation directly at your fingertips. Above all, the PolyBrute is a polysynth made by musicians, for musicians.


PolyBrute Firmware 2.0 Features


New EQ & Ensemble Effects

Shape the final stage of your patch with one of 7 EQ shapes in a new 4th FX slot, and expand & enrich PolyBrute’s stereo field with a 3-delay Ensemble effect inspired by vintage studio gear.

Synth Accuracy

Inject further degrees of imperfection and randomness to parameters beyond pitch; adjust the accuracy of controls like OSC pulse width, filter settings, unquantized LFO rate and more for a humanized feel.

Chord Mode

PolyBrute now incorporates instant-access Chord mode for playing chords with a single note on the keyboard. Simply hold ‘Polyphony’ and play up to 6 notes to set your chord voicing.

Duophonic Aftertouch

PolyBrute’s aftertouch expressivity can now be tailored to suit your performance style. Configure Aftertouch to only apply to the last note or group of notes you press, leaving previously held notes unchanged.


3 Curve Enhancements Set PolyBrute’s third LFO curve to respond differently for further modulation control within your patch. Rise or fall, exponential or logarithmic, the shape of this LFO is entirely yours to mould.

Real-time Display Feedback

PolyBrute’s screen now displays parameter names and values in real-time, so you can focus better on your patch and stay on top of every little sonic tweak.

Evolution of the PolyBrute sound

Raw, powerful, and organic. The analog Brute voice is an unmistakable force to be reckoned with when it comes to sonic capabilities. But how about having six at once? PolyBrute’s six-voice power starts with two Brute waveshaping oscillators. porting sprawling timbral versatility from its delicate airy pads to snarling stacked bass. These six voices are sure to excel in any application.

What’s more, you can tame or animate these oscillators with an expanded array of multiple filters, envelopes, and LFOs. So you have complete control over the analog domain.


Another great feature of the PolyBrute is its unmatched morphing abilities. Allowing you to perform, compose, and explore sound without any boundaries. Not only can you sweep all the parameter settings between two patches at once. But you can also gradually morph between two different states within any patch. Giving you the power to launch into an infinite continuum of inspiring new sounds.

How does it work? The PolyBrute takes hands-on control to another level with the all-new Morphée three-dimensional performance touchpad. Ensuring intricate morphing expression is always directly at your fingertips. Manipulate any facet of the PolyBrutes sound across the X, Y and Z axis in an instant.

But wait, there’s more! PolyBrute is packed with even more articulate controllers to give your compositions an elusive human touch.

The Matrix

The Matrix is the PolyBrutes digital brain that powers its analog heart. Featuring advanced architecture that hasn’t been seen on any synthesizer before it.


Firstly, you get access to 768 preset slots including patches from some of the best sound designers in the world. Instant access without menu diving or waiting, just like everything else on the PolyBrute.


The PolyBrute also features a tactile visual interface that offers everything you need for creating dynamic polyphonic sequences, arpeggios, parameter motion recording, and more.


On top of that, the PolyBrute Matrix also includes a 96-point digital patch bay with 32 destinations. So you can easily route any of your modulation sources and controllers to influence dozens of PolyBrute parameters at once.


Adjust modulation sources and destinations for the A and the B States within a preset to deepen your morphing contrast and colour

A Hands-On Analog Experience

With a completely hands-on analog experience, PolyBrute gives you everything up front with dedicated knobs and switches. Giving you unmatched control and immediacy. With everything, you touch generating MIDI to capture within your DAW.

PolyBrute Connect

Finally, with PolyBrute Connect, Arturia allows for library management, parameter editing, and instant integration with your favourite DAW. Simply hook your PolyBrute up to your computer and enjoy seamless bi-directional editing and organization.

DJ City offers a wide range of Arturia products.

  • Analog Morphing Synthesizer
    • 6 voices of Polyphony
    • Mono, Unison, Poly voicing
    • Single, Split, Layer modes
  • 61-keys with Velocity and Aftertouch
  • Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Ribbon controllers
  • Morphée touch and pressure sensitive 3D controller
  • Sound Morphing capability, part A and B for each preset
  • Two Analog VCO’s
    • Saw
    • Triangle + Metalizer
    • Square + Pulse Width
    • Sub
    • Linear FM
    • Hard Sync
  • Noise Generator
    • Continuous tone from rumble noise to white noise
  • Osc and Noise Mixer with Filter routing
  • 12dB/Oct Steiner Parker Filter
    • Continuous LP>Notch>HP>BP morphing
    • Cutoff, Resonance, Brute Factor
  • 24dB/Oct Ladder Filter with Distortion
  • Three Envelopes
    • Two ADSR
    • One DADSR
    • Looping capability
  • Three LFOs
    • LFO1 and LFO2 with waveform selection
    • LFO3 with waveform shaping using Shape and Symmetry
    • Rate control & Tempo Sync
    • Various retrig options
  • Three stereo digital effects
    • Modulation FX : Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Ring Modulation, …
    • Delay : 9 algorithms including BBD, Digital delay, …
    • Reverb : 9 algorithms including Hall, Plate, Spring, Shimmer, …
  • 768 preset slots
  • 12×32 Modulation Matrix
  • 64 step polyphonic sequencer
    • Notes, Accent, Slide per step
    • 3 tracks of automation
  • Arpeggiator and Matrix Arpeggiator
  • Stereo audio output
  • MIDI and USB i/o + analog clock i/o
  • 2 expression and 1 sustain pedal inputs

Size & weight

Instrument size: 972 x 378 x 110mm

Instrument weight: 20 Kg

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.