Arturia MiniLab MK3 Deep Black MIDI Keyboard 25 Key

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Find your own flow and enjoy making music with a plug-and-play MIDI keyboard that does it all. MiniLab 3 gives you easy controls, great-feeling keys, and a fully-integrated all-in-one software package that’s ready to get creative right out the box.

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Arturia MINILAB-MK3 Deep Black MIDI Keyboard 25 Key

Above all, find your own flow and enjoy making music with a plug-and-play MIDI keyboard that does it all. In fact, Arturia MINILAB-MK3 Deep Black gives you easy controls, great-feeling keys, and a fully-integrated all-in-one software package. Best of all, its ready to get creative right out the box.

Go With Your Flow

Finally, an easy keyboard controller that adapts to your needs, your style, and your workflow. With MINILAB-MK3 you can make music just the way you like it. Hook it up, discover fresh sounds, enjoy premium velocity-sensitive keys, and get hands-on with your music like never before.

It’s That Easy

You don’t need to understand music theory, learn production, or buy any software to enjoy MINILAB-MK3. Easily control your DAW projects in real-time & explore amazing instrument sounds in a few clicks. In fact, get those tracks, beats, and mixes sounding as good as you’ve always wanted. Not to mention, enjoy the workflow fit for a pro.

It’s that Creative MINILAB-MK3 Deep Black

Write platinum melodies, record massive chords with a single key, and create totally customized synth sounds. Indeed, this controller is about letting you follow your musical curiosity and discover how far your sound can really go.

It’s that Versatile

Play keys, punch in a drum loop, connect to MIDI gear, browse your preset library – all in one. MINILAB-MK3 comes pre-mapped for most DAWs, gives you every tactile control you need, and delivers a full production-ready suite of software & sounds to fit your flavour of music-making.

Every Sound You Need to be Included

What software & sounds do you get with MINILAB-MK3? Specifically, from recording software to a library of over 4 million samples, you’re totally kitted out.

What’s In It For You?

Whatever your style, whatever your ability, MINILAB-MK3 is built to get the job done – there’s something for everyone.

Great For Beginners, Fit For Pros

Above all, whether you’re new to music production or a DAW veteran, you need more than just a keyboard. You need plug-and-play simplicity; you need flexible recording software; you need to be able to tweak every aspect of your mix in an instant; you need access to decent sounds and samples to make your music shine. Don’t sweat it – MINILAB-MK3 has got you covered.

A Beat-Maker’s Paradise MINILAB-MK3 Deep Black

From the lo-fi to the hard-hitting, MINILAB-MK3 Deep Black is your ultimate DAW beat machine.

In fact, the perfect beat-making setup needs quick results, a hands-on approach, and the flexibility to follow a vibe when it catches. MINILAB-MK3 lets you control instruments, punch in your pad drums, and adjust your faders with a flow so fluid, you’ll forget you had a mouse.

Not Just for keyboardists – Calling all Guitarists, Singer-Songwriters, Drummers, DJs…

Wanna add keyboard parts to your rock tracks, trigger samples next to your drum kit, or find fresh synth sounds for your next project? Additionally, MINILAB-MK3 is the accessible little box that’ll finally make keys work for you, complete with deeper integration with your DAW of choice.

Performance-Ready Portability – Save Time with a Controller Prepared for Inspiration to Strike at Any Place, Any Time.

On your commute, at home, between lessons, or on stage, MINILAB-MK3 is light enough for your backpack, connects seamlessly to your computer, and is ready to unleash your creativity in seconds. Whether recording, performing, or jamming with friends, inspiration doesn’t wait – why should you?

MINILAB-MK3 Deep Black is a Hands-On Experience

Explore the layout, features, and hidden talents of MINILAB-MK3 in detail. Specifically, from its quality slim keyboard to its easy-to-use creative commands.

The World’s First Eco-Designed MIDI Controller

Also, MINILAB-MK3 is a better product for the environment which means a more sustainable creative future.

MINILAB-MK3 represents a new benchmark in eco-friendly instrument design and lifespan, built to last longer, produce less waste, and reduce our carbon footprint for good. Furthermore, made with minimum 50% recycled plastic, brand new fully-recyclable cardboard packaging, and a 5-year warranty, rest assured that this keyboard takes value and sustainability seriously, from manufacture to your music-making setup.

Hardware, Meet Software – MINILAB-MK3 Deep Black’s Unique Software-Hardware Link Doesn’t Stop with Analog Lab.

From Ableton to Logic, Bitwig to FL Studio or Reason, this controller uses specially-made scripts to give you seamless control over your DAW of choice. Also, you can tweak settings, create custom mappings, and even bounce around your project in real-time – all without ever leaving MINILAB-MK3’s controls.

Arturia MINILAB-MK3 Smart Features:

  • Built-in arpeggiator
  • Chord mode
  • Hold function
  • Octave up and down buttons
  • Semitone transpose
  • Premium Keybed quality
  • 25 high quality note velocity-sensitive slim keyboard
  • 2 banks of 8 velocity & pressure sensitive pads with RGB backlighting
  • 8 rotary encoders
  • 4 sliders
  • 2 capacitive touch sensors for pitch bend and modulation wheel
  • Mini display & clickable browsing knob
  • Real-time feedback on tweaks and controls

Software Integration

– Seamless integration with all Arturia software instruments, including Analog Lab: select sounds, browse presets and smart-assigned controls
– 1 DAW preset for automatic integration with any major DAWs
– DAW Transport Control with MCU protocol for every other DAWs
– Up to 5 user presets for a totally customizable experience

– USB-C connects to computers and iPad
– MIDI 5-pin DIN output for connection to external instruments, gear
– Control input for pedal: sustain, expression, or footswitch
– USB powered

Size & weight
– Instrument size: 14 x 8.7 x 2 inches (355 x 220 x 50mm)
– Instrument weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 Kg)

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.