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Antari Z-800II

The Antari Z-800II is a compact and efficient smoke machine designed specifically for portable applications. Whether controlled via wireless, timer or in stand-alone mode, this fogger features rock-steady continuous output. Another impressive feature of the Z-800II is the ultra-fast heat up time, less than 100 seconds! Producing a steady, constant fog as long as you need without any reheating time in between. And is controllable via supplied wired remote or the built-in trigger button on the handle. And can also be control with the optional Z-40 Timer Remote , Z-50 Wireless Remote. No question, this is the perfect smoke machine for any DJ, Band, or small venue wanting a robust & reliable smoke machine.

  • High-quality compact smoke machine
  • 800W with continuous output
  • Super fast heat up time (>100 sec)
  • Control from the included remote or switch built into the handle
  • Great for DJs, Bands, venues, and more


Output : 3,000 cu.ft / min

Power Consumption: 800W

Initial Heat Time: 90 sec (approx)

Tank Capacity : 0.8 litre

Fluid Consumption Rate : 60 min / 0.8 liter (100% Output)

Recommended Liquid: Antari FLG /FLR

Optional Remotes: Z-40 Timer Remote , Z-50 Wireless Remote

Power Supply : 240V AC / 50Hz

Dimensions (mm) : 315 x 128 x 166 mm

Weight : 3.5 kg


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