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Antari HZ-350

The Antari HZ-350 is a great sized and versatile oil based hazer that delivers a fine optical translucent haze. Equipped with a maintenance-free air compressor allowing for plug-and-play operation with no warm up time. And is ultra efficient with a 21hr/l consumption rate, meaning you don’t have to keep topping it up like other machines. The HZ-350 is supplied with a wireless remote (W-1) and includes an intelligent on-board control system with LCD display for adjusting the timer settings. Plus its DMX compatible, allowing it to fit into any lighting system or show effortlessly.

This is the perfect atmospheric solution for clubs, bars, bands, DJs, and more. And for the best results, use the HZL-/5 fluid which is specially formulated for the Antari HZ series hazers and is colour-less, odorless, non-flammable, and leaves no residue or contamination.

  • Creates a fine, even and translucent haze without bursts of fog
  • Instantly ready for use without warm-up
  • Continuous output without reheat cycles
  • 2.5 litre tank capacity and fluid level indication
  • Low-noise, maintenance-free air compressor
  • Metal housing with carrying handle


Output : 2,000 cu.ft / min

Tank Capacity : 2.5 litre

Fluid Consumption Rate : 21 hr / litre

Recommended Liquid: Antari HZL-1/HZL-5 Haze Liquid

Optional Remotes : HC-1 Timer Remote

Air Pressure : 10 Psi

Power Supply : 240V AC / 50Hz

Dimensions (mm) : 491.8 x 273 x 314.5 mm

Weight : 14.1 kg


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