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Antari F-1

The Antari F-1 is a premium faze machine designed to deliver an ultra fine and dry haze effect. Designed with the latest technology to ensure optimal performance throughout the life of the product. Including a built-in air-pump for the perfect mixture of air and fog fluid. The pump also allows the machine to self clean, which helps extend the life of the heater elements. Designed to deliver performance and reliability where its needed this machine is great for DJs, bands, venues, productions, and more.

The F-1 also features an optional control expansion for Wireless DMX or Fog control with the W-DMX-PCBR, WTR-10, or WTR-10 modules. Which is ideal for minimising cabling and controlling the unit in awkward positions.

  • Premium Faze machine with high output
  • Built in air pump for perfect fog / air mix
  • Self cleaning capability to extend the heating element’s life span
  • Produces a fine and dry haze like effect
  • Intelligent on-board control with LCD display
  • DMX control with 3-pin and 5-pin connections
  • Optional Wireless DMX and control (sold separately)
  • Great for DJs, Bands, venues, and more


Output : 6,200 cu.ft / min

Power Consumption: 800W

Initial Heat Time: 4.5 min (approx)

Tank Capacity : 2.4 litre

Fluid Consumption Rate : 8.5 ml/min (100% output)

Operating Time: 4.5 hrs (MAX output)

Recommended Liquid: Antari FLG /FLR

Optional Remotes :

  • W-DMX-PCBR Wireless DMX 512
  • WTR-10 Wireless Remote
  • WTR-40 Wireless DMX 512 and Remote

Power Supply : 240V AC / 50Hz

Dimensions (mm) : 618 x 275 x 327 mm

Weight : 14.1 kg


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