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AKG K812

The AKH K812 is a premium over-ear, reference quality headphone that, with its extended frequency response, is perfect for mixing, mastering, and audio production. Various enhancements are included that allow the headphone to deliver high headroom and dynamic range, detailed imaging and excellent impulse response.

An air-flow dome provides control over the membrane movement for reproducing dynamics that other headphones might not handle, and the 1.5 Tesla magnet system offers highly accurate imaging. The large 53 mm transducer and the two-layer, copper-covered aluminum voice coil provide managed modal behavior, superior impulse response, and a frequency response up to 54 kHz.

For added comfort and optimum sealing of the ear pads, the headphone employs all-metal cardanic hinges on each side. The nine foot cable is detachable and replaceable, as are the ear pads.

Size Matters

The K812 transducer is the largest AKG has ever built. The 53 mm transducer was developed to push the boundaries, to get as close as possible to sonic perfection. During the development process, AKG developed the transducer from scratch in order to ensure the highest in-class headroom and dynamic range.

Strong – Stronger – K812: The Most Accurate Imaging

With the strongest magnet system available on the market, the K812 provides the most precise and powerful experience possible. The 1.5 Tesla magnet system offers highly accurate imaging leading to pure, natural sound.

The Masterpiece

The AKG K812 Superior Reference Headphones carry 53mm transducers – the largest transducers AKG has ever applied. With the 1.5 Tesla Magnet System and an ultra-lightweight two-layer voice coil, these headphones deliver an accurate imaging and pure, natural sound. The K812 was also designed for long mixing or listening sessions: An open mesh headband and 3D-shaped slow retention ear pads ensure maximum comfort that will let you forget that you have the K812 on your head.


  • Incredibly accurate and precise headphones for mixing, mastering, and critical listening
  • Outstanding stereo imaging and frequency response from the most powerful magnet system on the market
  • Rich, powerful sound from large 53mm drivers
  • Fast, precise transient details from the lightweight, 2-layer voice coil
  • Accurate sound even when driven hard, thanks to the airflow dome that controls membrane movement


Headphone type: Open-Back

Fit Style: Circumaural (Around the Ear)

Driver Size: 53 mm

Max. Input Power: 300 mW

Frequency Range: 5Hz to 54kHz

Sensitivity: 110 dB SPL/V

Rated Impedance: 36 Ohms

Detachable cable: yes

Cable Length: 3 m straight (detachable)

Weight: 390 g


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