MIDI Devices

For those who want to perform and produce with primarily sample-based sequences then you may not require keys- instead, you may prefer pad style performance controllers such as the Akai MPC or MPD series or the NI Maschine.  Users have the ability to chop, dice slice, rearrange and re-edit samples and songs with performance pads on these production controllers.  Used primarily in hip hop production though these controllers lend themselves heavily to the production of many genres of music.

Just as easy to be used at home in a studio and on stage. These production controllers encourage creativity and fluent workflow to get your ideas into a track quickly and easily.

Controllers can consist of drum machines, mixer controllers and pad controllers. They can be used as a music production controller and as a grid instrument for live performance.

Let your creativity flow. The ideas are endless when it comes to these clever controllers. Contact DJ City for assistance in deciding on the right one for you.