USB Audio Interfaces

USB Audio Interfaces are devices that allows seamless transfer and integration between your audio source such as a condenser microphone, synthesiser or DJ controller,  and your computer or laptop. The device converts the analogue signal into digital data for recording an manipulation from the computer the converts back to analogue audio for your studio monitors and headphones.

A USB interface is regarded as the brain of your studio and is responsible for providing high quality sound recordings and playback. By increasing sound quality you get a much richer and more accurate sound, and it makes it much easier to hear slight imperfections that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Used by producers, DJs, and musicians for creating and remixing,and recording songs. Audio interfaces are compatible with most popular DAW programs such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Protools.

To put it simply, an audio interface gets audio into and out of your computer. It turns analogue audio signals into digital information and vice versa. The converters which handle this process are known as AD/DA converters. The quality of these converters influence the performance of the interface, thus impacting the price.

The number of connections in an audio interface also has an impact on price. An interface will have microphone and line inputs. A microphone input will accept 3 Pin XLR cables and a line input will mostly accept Jack or RCA. Line inputs are mono and are typically used for instruments such as synthesisers, drum machines and DJ mixers.

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