15 Inch Speaker

A powered 15 Inch Speaker is an excellent choice for almost any live sound application. With a great balance of bass, mids and highs, these speakers deliver the power you need for your event or party.

From reliable brands including Behringer, Electro Voice and LD Systems. These active speakers are great for large events including live performance and house parties.

Easy to use with the amplifiers built-in for plug-and-play operation. Well suited to DJs, Bands and function venues.

Some speakers even feature a bluetooth function which allows you to connect wirelessly using your smart device. Play tracks directly from a Bluetooth enabled device and roam around the room as you please.

Others also offer an integrated MP3 Player allowing for USB and SD connections.

These versatile speakers are an excellent choice as they are super easy to use and take from gig to gig. Visit your local DJ City store for a demonstration of powerful 15 inch powered speakers.