Media Players

For ultimate convenience, these Media Players play tracks directly from a USB stick or other source of MP3 digital music file with no CDs or computers necessary.  Perfect for club installs or mobile DJs, these units are a breeze to set up and offer simple use and limitless creativity.

Karaoke Players are also available which play CDs, DVDs and USBs and come with a remote for easy control.  Select a USB Media Player with a Tuner or even Digital Recorders.

From popular brands such as Gemini and Power Dynamics, many of these players and recorders are rack mountable an ideal for musicians, bars, clubs, schools and houses of worship.

Choose from a broad selection of media players to suit your needs, whether you’re recording or playing from CDs, SD Cards, USBs or even DVDs.

Compact in size, with high quality recordings and playback. Designed for applications which require stable sound.