VELCRO® Brand products are reliable, feature superior quality and come in a variety of sizes and colours. VELCRO® Brand have proved themselves as an innovative brand, with over 300 patents active world-wide.

VELCRO® Brand branded Hook & Loop fasteners have become the most well known in the world. For all your temporary fastening needs VELCRO® Brand has you covered! VELCRO® Brand products are industry standard and particularly in the entertainment industry the cable ties are a must have for cable management and storage. VELCRO® Brand technology is used by NASO to stop the astronaut’s plates drifting away in zero gravity- it is this technology that is applied to cable ties of outstanding quality which are heavily used in the entertainment industry. The technology was developed by George de Mestral after going for a hike in the Alps and was inspired by the Burdock Burr which is a tiny seed covered in hooks that naturally stick to hair and the fur of his dog. More than 70 years later, that chance meeting has grown into a globally recognised brand name.

VELCRO® is a registered trade mark of Velcro BVBA.