UDG is a highly popular brand among DJ’s and producers world-wide. They make durable, comfortable, stylish gear without compromising quality. Protect your vinyls, CDs and DJ gear with UDG.

UDG bags are industry standard for DJs everywhere. Featuring robust and sturdy construction to allow reliable and safe transport solutions for your valuable DJ gear. With item specific designs, transporting your CDJ’s, Mixers, Controllers, Laptops and Headphones has never been easier and their multi-purpose sling bags make getting your CDs and music media to each gig easy and stylish. All bags are finished to the utmost of quality standards to ensure a long life and attractive design. UDG set out to build the perfect equipment bags and with that in mind they have quickly catapulted themselves to the forefront of the market as the industry leader. Professionals all over the world know that UDG is a great investment that represents value beyond compare for transporting their precious gear.