Soundcraft designs high class mixing consoles and other professional audio equipment. With over 40 years of experience, Soundcraft continues to dominate the industry with high quality mixing desks.

Out of Britain in 1973 came Soundcraft, the first brand to design a mixer built into a road case for touring use. Not long after the series 1 mixer in the case came the release of the series 2 mixer- a mixer designed for studio recording. With the release of these two mixers, the name Soundcraft quickly become synonymous with top quality consoles delivering incredible audio fidelity and thus the innovation of the term “British sound” which is sought after even today.

After many industry revolutionising releases, Soundcraft today is in high demand as providers of some of the best mixers money can buy and can be found as part of touring entertainment companies and recording studios gear all over the world.

To appeal to a wider market, Soundcraft has released a range of smaller format mixers such as the EFX and the Notepad range, allowing even the most space and budget conscious shopper access to legendary Soundcraft reliability and performance.