Numark Industries actively seek to design equipment that meets the individual need of every DJ. They manufacture a wide range of quality DJ MIDI Controllers, DJ Headphones, Turntables and more.

Always at the forefront of DJ technology, Numark always produce ‘firsts’ for the industry, in particular, Numark were the first company to release a DJ mixer with built in sampler, first dual CD player for the professional market, first hard drive based DJ system, first motorized control surface and the first to release solely iOS operated DJ systems. Many of these features have been implicated by other brands into their products though Numark will always be the pioneer of new and exciting, cutting edge technologies to enhance the mixing experience and nurse the creativity of DJs at all skill levels. Founded in 1971 in New Jersey, Numark have been innovating performance tools for DJs- this continual growth has forced Numark to the forefront of the DJ world and is one of the few original DJ brands. From the disco era to today, Numark have a legion of loyal followers due to the incredible history and performance offered by the brand. Renowned as creators of some of the best MIDI controllers available and breaking new ground with the NS7II, Numark offer incredible performance tools for today’s demanding DJ.