Robert Moog was a legendary constructor, engineering magician, and outstanding musician. He was a leading innovator in electronic synthesizer technology and opened a new page in both key instruments and musical instrument history. He founded The Moog Music company in 1954.

In the very beginning, Robert sold theremins however by the beginning of ’60s Moog Music had worked to become one of the first developers of modular synthesizers. Adding modules for modular synthesis and sound processing to there model range. By the beginning of the ’70s, the world was presented with the first compact version of completely analog synthesizer called the Minimoog. This instrument became very popular then and today its updated version called Minimoog Voyager is recognized by music professionals worldwide. Today’s product range includes effect pedals, a popular guitar that launched in 2008 and in 2018 the newest flagship synthesizer was unveiled, Moog One.

Moog One is the ultimate synthesizer. A Tri-timbral, polyphonic, analog synthesizer. Available in 8 or 16 voices.

All of these groundbreaking advancements provide musicians the freedom to create original and unique music.