mbeat produce a range of affordable turntables, each featuring a unique trait. They have turntables with USB players and recorders, with cassette players and even briefcase style turntables for portability.

The mbeat® brand was founded in 2009, Melbourne, Australia.

mbeat, as an Australian owned company, is dedicated to develop and manufacture multimedia & life-style tech accessories for years.

At mbeat, we believe that technology can brighten our lives. Peripherals & accessories shouldn’t feel cold and lifeless; besides functionality, they should be given simple, elegant, fun and creative designs.

Following the rise of personal smart devices and emerging technologies, the definition of an accessory is changing as well.

We constantly remind ourselves to be adaptive to the technology and market. We insist on monitoring the market closely, listening to our customers’ feedback, devoting time to research and manufacturing and expanding our product offerings year by year.

We endlessly strive to be creative in the accessories market and serve our customer better. We are ambitious and drive, with plans to eventually expand into the global market.

Our main product lines includes: USB turntable recorders, Bluetooth keyboards, power charging solution, USB connectivity and wireless solution, etc.