Magic Mist produce high quality atmospheric fluids including smoke fluid, bubble fluid and snow fluid. Each come in a range of sizes and strengths to cater for your specific needs.

High grade smoke fluid available exclusively at DJ City. Magic Mist’s range of water based smoke fluid will make the most of your Smoke or haze machine. This high quality fluid will ensure a longer life of your machines heating element and pump as it is uniquely designed and manufactured in Victoria to clean your machine as it passes through it’s elements. For this reason and the fantastic output created you will see Magic Mist smoke fluid in use with countless mobile performers, function centres & clubs all around Australia. Creating a thick white fog that hangs in the air and brings your lighting effects to life, the Magic Mist smoke fluid is among the best available. For a subtle, light show enhancing effect, make the most of your Haze machine with the Magic Mist haze fluid. The latest inclusion in the Magic Mist range is the Geyser fluid. Designed specifically for the Chauvet Geyser Smoke machine it creates a thick cloud of smoke that quickly dissipates to allow for another burst of coloured smoke. Exclusive to DJ City, the Magic Mist range of fog fluid is the fluid you should be using!