Since initial introduction at Summer NAMM 2012 Convention, Nashville, the response is truly amazing! We couldn’t be more pleased! “Oh, WOW!” is by far the most used critique. No underwater, muffled, or plugged up sound. Musicians, concert goers, venue operators, parents and students in school bands, etc. continue to say wonderful things about EARasers. Testimonials speak of how clear and natural things sound with EARasers – to the point where people didn’t even realize they were working until they removed them at a gig or a club and then realized just how loud the environment truly is. One of the most shocking realities that has come to light is how many people, especially young people, already have ringing in their ears; something that may never go away. What is even more surprising, is how easily that could have been prevented.

When Don dreamt of a product that would protect hearing, he wanted to be sure it would be something innovative and on the cutting edge; something that would overcome all the objections to wearing hearing protection. He aimed for a product that people anywhere could use and be proud to protect their hearing with. He achieved this very goal with the invention of EARasers! For Don, as well as the rest of the EARasers team…Your hearing ‘clearly’ matters