Chauvet Pro are a premium brand which manufacture professional lighting fixtures and special effects. They specifically cater to entertainment and architectural lighting markets, including intelligent lighting.

Chauvet Professional’s range of lighting products features quality and performance that is designed for large scale applications and professional touring and installations. Products branded with Chauvet’s unmistakable logo all represent industry leading design allowing new heights of flexibility and atmospheric control. Based in South Florida, America; the Chauvet brand is based on their ‘VIP’ idealism- that is Value, Innovation & Performance. Value- Have you ever been told “you get what you pay for?” well that’s not necessarily the case with Chauvet, in fact, you get so much more. When you buy Chauvet you are getting quality that far outweighs the price tag. Innovation- With a huge focus on research & development, Chauvet constantly create fixtures and intelligent lighting and control unlike anything ever seen before. Always pushing the boundary and forever allowing new feats of creativity in one’s lighting show. Chauvet’s innovation is constantly moulding the lighting sector of the entertainment industry. Performance- You will find Chauvet lighting fixtures in pubs, clubs, function centres and as part of mobile performers and DJs set up all over the world. Because put simply- Chauvet products work. They perform. Day after day, year after year, show after show your Chauvet product will perform like new every time.